Interact Affiliates

Are you ready to take your affiliate business to the next level? You’ve come to the right place!

At Interact, we believe in growing together. That’s why over the past five years we’ve worked hard to build a successful affiliate program for you. Our program is designed to keep paying you as long as customers you sign up stay paying customers of ours.

That’s right, we pay you a 30% commission for every month that your qualifying customers subscribe to the platform.

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What’s the Process?

  1. Sign up using the link above and you’ll be sent to our affiliate information page.
  2. Click the “Join Now” in the top right hand corner and create your Partnerstack account.
  3. Once you’re in your account, double check that you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions. Then click on “links” in the left-hand sidebar to grab your personalized link. (Keep in mind you can create multiple links leading to Interact’s website and still get credit for it.)
  4. Enter your PayPal or Stripe information for payouts and download any assets or logos you may need.
  5. Start promoting! You can share on social media, blog posts, your website, etc.

How Does Interact Support Affiliates?

Interact is dedicated to making the affiliate process as seamless as possible for affiliates. To support affiliates Interact provides the following:

  • Onboarding. Know the software inside and out and understand how to implement quizzes.
  • Press Kit. Know what to say to potential customers with easy-to-copy email templates, social templates, logos, and SEO hot words.
  • Support. Access to support channel through Partnerstack, Live Chat, or Email. Access to help documentation specialized to help you serve your clients. Schedule a call with our program manager.
  • Pricing and Plans. Know the plans and have access to documentation outlining available functionality in each plan.
  • Newsletters. Monthly newsletters with program/company updates, new material to sell and promote, and reminders to check stats and analytics for your sales.


Who gets to be an affiliate?
Our Affiliate Program is available to all Interact users or those who wish to educate people on using Interact software and take a piece of the pie for bringing on new business to the platform.

What is the criteria for a qualifying customer?
We consider a qualified customer to be any customer who has not previously signed up for Interact, has an active subscription, and is current with their payment.

How do I get paid?
Payments for sales are issued once a month through a payout of your choice. Click here for the directions on setting up your payment provider. Payments 101

How do I reset my PartnerStack password?
Click here to learn how to reset your password.

How do I navigate the PartnerStack portal?
Click here to find more information on how to navigate PartnerStack.

Customer Reviews

Headshot of Abigail Dyer

“Interact has been the #1 way I've grown my email list by 400% this year. I love it so much, and now I've got my website design clients signing up too! The only thing better than a pretty website, is one that converts, and Interacts helps us do just that. Thanks for providing a product that WORKS and is worth shouting from the rooftops about!”Abigail Dyer

Headshot of Kaitlyn Parker

“Interact is fun and easy to use with a great support team. There are lots of great integrations that make it possible to create a seamless funnel with your email list. I was able to gain ~10+ new subscribers per day within the first 4 days of posting. It makes it easy for your audience to get involved with your brand and obtain valuable insight! Interact gets an A++ in my book.”Kaitlyn Parker

Headshot of Tammie Allen

“I like that Interact has templates for almost any type of quiz that you can think of to help you get started attracting an audience and growing your email list. I am ready to make great strides, and changes in my business, and these lead magnet quizzes through Interact will help me to accomplish this.”Tammie Allen

Headshot of Michelle P

“Unbelievable results with Interact!...I highly recommend Interact and want to personally thank Interact Quizzes. After just 24 hours of implementing our very first quiz we generated 285 leads.”Michelle P.

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