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Find someone to build a quiz and marketing system for you.
Hire an Interact Certified Consultant who can help you with:

  • Quiz strategy
  • Quiz content creation (writing the quiz)
  • Email follow-ups for quiz leads
  • Facebook ad strategy and copy

Joanna May

Hey there! I’m Joanna, and I’m all about lead generation and email marketing.

After several years as a teacher, I started my own business as a virtual assistant so I could be more available to my family.

Through trial and error (I can’t tell you how many times I pivoted my business), I discovered that I’m passionate about helping businesses succeed through email marketing.

Which led me to quizzes and Interact.

Creating quiz funnels allows me to blend my educational background, my passion for successful lead generation and email marketing, and my tech know-how into one amazing service!

My clients love that I provide educational content that engages their audience and helps them establish themselves as an expert in their field.

If you’re ready to have a lead-generation tool that works, let’s talk!


Persuasion Maven

If it’s got to do with persuasion copywriting and engaging, business boosting quizzes - I'm your gal.

I'm Jess (aka the Persuasion Maven), helping solopreneurs and small businesses grow exponentially (& genuinely).

If I overuse parenthesis it's only because I have a deep desire to dig beneath the layers to find core messages that empower other humans.

And if you're in business, somehow or another you decided you needed to grow - so you can reach more people; touch more lives.

Cue the saucy jazz music.

You've got your craft. You want to be laser-focused on those areas of your business that light you up. You don't want to be bothered with the nitty gritty analytic assessments and late night strategy sessions to bring up your bottom line.

That's where I come in. I help you earn more - without requiring extra work from you.

(That's the dream, isn't it?)

Persuasion Maven has all the creative content for your ideal quiz and the funnel know-how to build scalable, sustainable sales. So you can spend a little more time doing what you love (and a lot less time strapped to your desk.)

We offer: Persuasive & quirky quiz building, Gamification & copywriting services, Organic & paid accelerated growth strategies using Pinterest


Kayla Hollatz

Kayla Hollatz is a Minneapolis-based copywriter and ghostwriter for businesses in the visual, tech, and marketing industries. She loves blending her extensive background in digital PR, SEO, and blogging with her fierce passion for creative writing.

After generating 700+ organic subscribers on the first day she published her Interact Quiz, she knew her email marketing strategy would never be the same. At a conversion rate of 55.8%, she now fuses her experience with Interact Quizzes with her email sales funnel copywriting expertise to help other small businesses create engaging, lead generating quizzes.


Linda Sidhu

Ready to attract new subscribers than ever before with the lead magnet that everyone loves?

Hello, I’m Linda Sidhu, a list building expert who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that bring in new subscribers on autopilot.

As a former pharmaceutical sales representative, I’ve had extensive training in personality types. I’ve taken the same methods that worked for selling products face-to-face and turned them into a framework for creating successful personality quizzes for online business owners.

Besides creating quizzes that convert views to leads at 60% and crafting personalized marketing for my customers, I help online business owners learn how to take full advantage of email marketing.

When I’m not getting creative in my Seattle home office, you can catch me exploring the pacific northwest with my family.

Specializes in: Welcome (nurture) series, Personalized marketing, Copywriting, Quiz funnels


Jerried C.S. Williams

Jerried C.S. Williams is a marketer, mindset coach and the founder of, a marketing training and consulting firm on a mission to help entrepreneurs scale their business and lead with authority.

Big Majority creates elegant marketing systems and training courses designed to help entrepreneurs generate high-quality leads that can convert into high-value customers and clients.

The firm is the by-product of 10 foundational years of marketing experience Jerried accumulated across industries and sectors including: entertainment, fashion, beauty, e-commerce, government and big data.

The idea for Big Majority came about while Jerried was working at a Silicon Valley-based startup. He stumbled across an online quiz and very quickly realized the massive opportunity to leverage their use within marketing systems to generate leads and increase engagement at scale.

Jerried received his Bachelors in Business from Elon University and his Masters from the University of Southern California (USC) in Strategic Public Relations.

If you want to work with a Certified Interact Consultant who understands and appreciates the uniqueness of your business, and who can design a super engaging quiz and marketing system to accelerate your lead generation ー let’s talk!


Helen Munshi

Hi I'm Helen 👋

Are you the best kept secret on the internet?

You're incredible at what you do, now you just need more people to know about you.

That's where I come in. I'm an online business growth strategist and trained quiz funnel expert with over 13 years experience in strategy & entrepreneurship.

I help businesses generate consistent high quality leads using the positivce power of quizzes. I've supported entrepreneurs like Elizabeth Hartke and Holly-Marie Haynes who is generating streams of leads and building an engaged community ready to buy.

I'm also a country music loving Brit! Usually found with a messy ginger bun, eating anything spicy and playing Korfball (look it up, it’s a real sport!!).

So are you ready to ditch scare marketing and boring freebies and get real results?

I offer quiz strategy support, design & build, right up to a full bells and whistles done for you quiz funnels with email follow up series.

Click the 'Work with Helen' button below and see how I can help you generate consistent high quality leads using the magic of online quizzes. ↓


Emily Kund

Hi! I'm Emily! I’m a mom to two awesome kids, an energetic pup named Zeus, partner to an indie comic book creator, and coffee and book lover. After spending 19 years as bank examiner where I honed my researching, investigating, and communication skills, I started my own entrepreneurial journey. I love data and am a part-time data visualization instructor. I guess you could say I go from 0 to nerdy in 60 seconds.

I discovered quizzes for a side business I had and it was love at first sight. I don’t know if it's the ability to build an email/text message list with fun and ease, quiz data to help you understand your leads, or the way that quizzes help people understand themselves and the way that they create community, but I am here for it and I want all entrepreneurs to enjoy those benefits.

I truly believe that quizzes are one of the best tools for entrepreneurs at all levels to really build a sustainable business that create the income+impact they deserve.


Chantelle Zakariasen

Hey there! I’m Chanti 👋

Conversion copywriter, quiz funnel expert + teacher, and the brains and brawn (typing muscles count, right?!) behind too many quiz funnels to count. My quizzes have brought in hundreds of thousands of leads and tens of millions of sales (nope, not exaggerating!) for folks like Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, Melyssa Griffin and other personality based brands in industries ranging from lifestyle, spirituality, digital marketing, and more.

I’m also a big fan of regenerative agriculture, breakfast foods, making playlists, craft cider🥂, and the founder of Interactive Empathy Marketing and Grow with Quizzes

Whether you’re looking for a connection fueled, done-for-you quiz funnel, a bit of strategic support, or to master the step-by-step process of building your own high converting quiz funnel from start to finish, I’ve got you.

Click the “Work with Chanti” button below to find out how I can help you attract and convert limitless leads on autopilot ↓


Caroline Onyedinma

Hey, I'm Caroline,

I'm a business, marketing, and messaging strategist at Ideal Clients Daily... the team experts, educators & entrepreneurs love to hire when they're ready to:

- Name, claim and reign as a specialist in their NICHE
- Attract an audience of loyal FANS
- Grow their list with QUIZZES
- Implement their IDEAS to INCOME
- Craft MAGNETIC messaging
- Sell their products, programs, and services without struggle

PSA: We Come With a High Revenue Warning

Coaches, Course Creators, and Service-based providers report that working with us gives them the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and CLOUT to CHARGE what they're worth for offers that people beg to buy.

If you're ready to make more, work less and spend more time doing the things you love ... my team and I are ready to serve you.

When I'm not cheerleading my clients to ditch the hustle and grind for flow and finesse, you can find me chillaxing with my family, run-walk training for half marathons, and snacking on cupcakes with buttercream icing after 8 pm.


Ashleigh Chanel

Hey I am Ashleigh Chanel, your virtual neighborhood Marketing Genie, here to make all of your marketing dreams come true.

I'm a world travelling gadgets addict and the Founder of Make Your Mark Digital Marketing Agency.

I use visibility automation helps business owners work less and make more.

What is Visibility Automation? The best thing ever! It allows you to step out of physically showing up on social media everyday and use ads to step in and get your face in front of your ideal audience so that you can put the know, like, and trust factor on autopilot.

One thing that really bunches my undies is one-size-fits-all (OSFA) Marketing advice and strategies because every business is different and deserves that respect when creating marketing strategies.

Through my over a decade journey, I have consistently added 5 and 6 figure monthly revenue to my clients top-line. Including using ads to generate over 1.75 million in sales and creating multi-millions of dollar marketing strategies.

I use a holistic and human centric approach to marketing, that includes paid advertising and organic marketing, to help my clients achieve their business and life goals and position them as authorities in their industries.


Heather Carr

Hey I’m Heather - I’m from the UK and I confess - I am a quiz geek...

I have worked in advertising, events and arts marketing for over 25 years and honestly - I have never found a lead magnet that is so effective, engaging and fun as the humble quiz - who knew?!

My first quiz (yep you never forget your first) generated so many leads, so easily and cheaply that people started getting in touch asking for my help.

Fast forward six months and Kill It With Quizzes was born!

At Kill it With Quizzes we only do quiz funnels and we have helped small businesses from florists to t shirt designers to business coaches write super effective quiz funnels that deliver.

If I’m not building quizzes then I’m at home in the country with my tree surgeon husband and my three daughters probably cooking a Sunday Roast or watching Crime Documentaries - both with a nice glass of Malbec!


Liezl Swanson

Hi I'm Liezl (pronounced lee-zuhl) I do funnel tech!

I'm here to offer you a reprieve from figuring out how to hook up your quiz from Interact set up to website pages to email formatting.

It can be daunting to tackle it for yourself so once your quiz is written, this is where I step in.

With many quizzes under my belt and plenty of email funnel experience I can take your quiz from imagination to churning in no time.

Click below to find out more ↓


Andrea Cinnamond

Andrea Cinnamond is a creative online business strategist and implementation specialist (she makes things happen). She is a trained business coach, technical virtual assistant and a certified online business manager. She loves to create beautiful projects for her clients such as quizzes, training and coaching programs, websites, and other cool things that are offered online.

She is passionate about the power of quizzes as a lead generation tool that can easily engage, educate and entertain while building an email list of prospective clients. Having a quiz on your website offers a way for you to learn something about your prospects while they are learning something about you. It allows you to deliver personalized information to your prospects and, with the addition of follow-up email, you are able to build a stronger relationship with your prospects more quickly.

Beauty is her #1 value–this includes the beauty of a system that is reliable and delivers what it promises. She is a huge fan of the Interact software and is excited to be partnering with them.

When she is not playing around on her computer, this ex high-tech scientist is raising three children (a 12-year old daughter and twin 10-year old boys) and their cat Amesbury in the historic Back Bay of Boston.


Kabrina Budwell

Hey there!

I'm Kabrina Budwell, the founder of Kabrina Budwell Consulting, a consulting firm that focuses on helping service based businesses capture, nurture, and convert Subscribers into paying Clients. I take the scary overwhelm out of technology to show you how systems can work together and make your business run smoother and your life easier.

I previously trained Cast Members at Disney on technology for those who are visually impaired and Deaf as well as wrote pamphlets for the parks on ride accessibility for those specifically on the Autistic Spectrum. I also work closely with ConvertKit and Advance Your Reach helping their clients in areas such as migrations, email deliverability, quizzes, and copy writing.

Ready to throw funnels out to create a journey that your Subscribers will remember? Your quiz will help your Subscribers self-select for the offer that is best for them having them say, "How did you know I need this? It's like you're in my head!" Making the purchase a no brainer.

Let's add a little Pixie Dust to your marketing, create a quiz that converts, and take your clients on a journey they won't forget and that they will rave to their friends about.


Melissa Litchfield

Every time you open up Ads Manager (if you’ve ever even gotten that far!), your brain fills up with question after question, and doubt after doubt.

And of course, the elephant in the room:
“What if I take this money I poured my heart and soul into earning, and it flies out the window in a literal hot second because of a poorly managed Facebook quiz ads campaign?”

I get it. Losing money hurts.

I'm Melissa Litchfield, founder of Litchfield Media, and as a Facebook ads expert I've seen:
The backend of 60 different funnels (and counting),
Managed over $1 million dollars in ad spend,
and had a hand in boosting profit for 7-figure and 8-figure entrepreneurs.

Basically I've been around the ad block.

I’ve walked the race. I’ve gotten the T-Shirt. And I’m sharing all of it with you in our 2 Hour Quiz Ad Intensive.

This is the same offer I wish I’d had when I was starting out with Facebook ads, and it was created with one goal in mind.

You're a genuine whiz at what you do! Click the link below to get started.


Zafira Rajan

** not currently accepting new quiz clients **

Want a personality-driven, conversion-catalyzing quiz?

Hi, I'm Zafira — strategic launch copywriter and quiz funnel strategist committed to helping conscious entrepreneurs build, grow and scale a meaningful digital empire by wielding the power of their personality.

I create quizzes using my Authentic Automation™ framework that prioritizes human connection *and* data-driven insights, because no one ever told us they can't go hand in hand! My quizzes have brought in thousands of subscribers and leads for my clients, who range from course creators live launching on repeat to industry experts with evergreen offerings.

If you want to create an intentional, flexible lead magnet that strengthens your customer journey from the moment subscribers receive their quiz results, I'd love to help you bring your quiz vision to life!