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About Interact

The thing that every employee at interact shares is a mix of creativity and innovation. The way this plays out is when we have a new idea our small team can simply have a discussion about it and then everyone goes back and does their part to make it happen without the need for specific direction on exactly how to accomplish the goal.

This opens up a giant world of possibilities, as we work on the forefront of social media marketing technology and can literally do anything.

What makes Interact unique is that we are a very small team, completely bootstrapped, and have a customer base that includes Starbucks, The United Nations, The American Red Cross, The Home Depot, LUSH Cosmetics, and the list goes on.

Being so small and flexible, combined with our existing customer base (that is always growing), gives us a platform for creating what’s next. We started with quizzes when the internet was going crazy for those things. Now we have the best quiz product in the world and 10’s of thousands of quiz customers. Then we built a giveaway tool that is quickly gaining adoption. Now we’re working on some tools for Facebook Live as that blows up all over the internet.

We’re on a journey to build a suite of products for a social-first world, we have an amazing innovative team, a strong customer base, continuous demand for our tools, and the perfect position for creating the future of social marketing - now we need you to join us.

Customer Success

Oakland, CA - Full Time

Job Description

As our customer success advocate, you’ll be working with clients who sign up to use Interact products. We have a daily inbound flow of signups, and these marketers are keen to make the most of Interact and what it can do. Your role will be to connect with new users, understand their needs, and help them be successful.

The job is exciting, on any given day we’ll see signups from the largest companies in the world, and from one-person companies looking for a new tool. This keeps you very much on your toes and there is always a new challenge.

You’ll be pushed to learn faster in this role than literally anywhere else you could work.

About Us:

Interact is innovative and gritty.

We are a customer-funded startup, meaning that we rely on our paying subscribers to grow. This makes our team tight-knit, hard working, and forward-thinking to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

What do we actually do?

We are changing the way brands use social media to grow. We’ve invented a platform for creating quizzes, sweepstakes, and tests that are all designed to engage people and bring in new business contacts using Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Interact's 6 Values:

  1. Be Innovative - Find a solution
  2. Stay Dauntless - Don't let setbacks get you down
  3. Be Friendly - No mean people allowed
  4. Be Professional - Treat everyone with respect
  5. Follow Your Passion - Care deeply about your work
  6. Be Gritty - Do the work

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