Your Magnetic Marketing Archetype is an...Strategist!

You are a straight-up visionary! When someone comes to you with a problem, you usually have more than one way to solve it. There’s nothing you can’t accomplish with a good blueprint in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

You’re naturally curious and often find yourself in research mode, trying to learn everything you can before you come up with a game plan. You pride yourself on knowing what move you want to make at all times and, more importantly, why you want to make it.

Sometimes you find yourself so focused on the big picture that it may be hard to remember the small details, but don’t worry, Strategist! That just means you’re leaning into your marketing strengths as a thoughtful and intentional leader.

Our advice? Don’t let your knack for strategy keep you from creating simplified processes and systems that will help you take smart action on your plans. After all, your strategy is only as strong as its execution.

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.”

- Lee Bolman

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As a Strategist, you may struggle with feeling drained when you try to implement your awesome strategies. We want to help you make more sales without the hassle and hustle of traditional marketing. Your action plan should be as effective and efficient as you are! Here’s how to get started...


Check out the competition.

You want to make sure your strategies are unique. It’s too easy for businesses in the same niche to blend together or borrow the same ideas from one another — be the one to stand out with your content! (Psst... read How to Utilize Your Expertise for more tips)


Create automated processes.

The more you can automate your marketing, the more time you’ll free up for strategic thinking. To make sure you don’t feel bogged down by the day-to-day details, try to implement marketing funnels into your strategy. (Psst... read How to Build a Marketing Funnel for more tips)


Measure your success.

It’s not enough for you to create a strategy and let it sit to collect dust. The best Strategists are those who know the importance of reviewing the data so they can adjust their strategy over time. This will help you seriously increase engagement and audience retention. (Psst... read How to Constantly Improve Your Customer Service with Data for more tips)

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