Ep. 126

How Ashlyn Generated Over 34k Leads with Her Quiz with Ashlyn Carter

Welcome to a special episode of Interact’s Grow Podcast, where we share insights and strategies to help you scale your business. In this episode, we’re excited to have Ashlyn Carter, founder and CEO of Ashlyn Writes with us. Ashlyn discusses her journey from corporate marketing to entrepreneurship, her evolution from a conversion copywriter to a campaign architect, and the importance of understanding different communication styles in copywriting.

She also shares her experience using Interact since 2016, which has helped her generate thousands of leads. Her quiz, “What’s your brand voice vibe?” helps people identify their unique selling style and understand their communication blind spots. Ashlyn plans to enhance her quiz with AI prompts to further personalize the user experience in the coming future, so stay tuned!

Learn more about Ashlyn: https://ashlynwrites.com/

Take Ashlyn’s quiz: https://ashlynwrites.com/quiz

Hi guys. And welcome back to interacts grow podcast. So great to be with you as always. I’m your host, Jessmyn Solana. And with us this week, we have a very special guest, Ashlyn Carter. Ashlyn, so much for joining us this week. Absolutely. I’m honored. And you are on your website. You say launch copywriter copywriter for creatives.

Can you go a little bit deeper into what you do, who your customers are? Yes. The website that I was talking to a designer this morning for like an hour about, cause I want to rip it down and redo it all. I, you know, Well, I started my business in 2016 as a conversion copywriter over time. We’ve just evolved.

And now I think we are campaign architects. Conversion copywriting is our core of what we do, but we craft massive marketing campaigns, love doing it. So we have an agency side of my business. We serve one on one clients with boutique copywriting and launch strategy services. And then I firmly believe.

That not knowing what to say shouldn’t hold you back from making sales and you need to learn how to be your own best positioning expert, copywriter, hiring somebody every single time is expensive. So I also teach what I do. We have a whole education wing of the business as well. And those are the two big components.

Love what I do. I love my team. I love that. And Samaras and Jesy, feel free to jump in. If you guys have questions you want to ask as well, but for those who are listening, you probably don’t know this, but Ashlyn’s been a partner with us since 2016 and you’ve had your quiz since then. Yeah. And I, first of all, this is so fun because I realized I’ve never taught this much about my quiz.

I could have one YouTube episode out there, but it’s old. It’s vintage as well. At this point, I wanted to talk about, and the whole reason I started my quiz is because we helped our client Jenna Kutcher with her quiz when she first launched it, which correct me if I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure she still runs that quiz and she has multiple ones.

Testament again, how long these things can grow and pull in leads still. So I saw her do that. And I think, you know, like your first year in entrepreneurship, you’re like, can’t tell me no, I can do stuff. And so I was like, Jenna made one, I want one. And so, yeah, I wanted my own quiz and built it that year.

And it’s the same one that’s still running. It’s been a little bit iterated, but the bones are there. So crazy. And we were just saying before the recording that at the time when the partner, the partner program was really new when we first launched it. And when you had signed on, so we had an intern or a couple of interns at the time, including me who are all looking for people.

To you know, sign on, try out a quiz for the first time, hopefully write a blog post about it and you know, try to get the word out there. And so it was actually one of our interns who had signed you up. So it’s just crazy that like, we’ve gone through this whole journey together and you know, that’s where it started.

Like very humble beginnings. Yes. Yes. And look, and I think too, I even remember having a moment thinking, I hope I can say this and it’s okay to say.

I’m building this and like, our quizzes, like, is the buzzfeed thing a wave that’s in it? Like, are, is this quiz going to last the time? Seven years ago and they’re going nowhere. Like, that’s, that’s, what’s really cool too. It just, you guys were on the edge. Of a cusp of something and there’s, they’re clearly going nowhere fast.

I love that. That was perfectly said. So your quiz that you have right now running is what’s your brand voice vibe? And to help people find their selling style. Can you tell us a little bit about how it is right now? And then we’ll kind of go back into how it got, how you got started and, you know, what you iterated from there.

Exactly. So I. Built when I was back in corporate marketing, I was in corporate marketing for years and left that. But we studied like the whole brain system of, I don’t even think they were relating it to messaging. They were relating it to team building and different communication styles within a team when I was working on some nonprofit pro bono work in the agency.

That was like a word salad. But essentially I like first understood the concept of different communication styles. Deposit that in my back pocket, whatever, move on, start my business. As I’m writing copy, I, all of a sudden I was like, you know what? Like that, the fact that like those were four different communication styles is actually very similar to what I’m seeing with my clients and what my clients are seeing with their audience members.

So I started before, this is before I built the quiz. I started kind of applying those different, like, okay, some people will need to see the. Pricing table that is paramount to them. Some people need to understand where do they fit in this whole big, like. Picture like you’re the visionaries. They’re the dreamers.

Like they need to sell something to them. You have to communicate that. So that’s like where I’m playing in the sandbox. The idea for a quiz comes up and I use as a basis to figure out the questions. What I knew about. Those different styles. I wanted to initially just diagnose their brand voice and help people identify, cause you’d have a lot of people, I don’t have a voice.

I’m vanilla. I don’t have a sound. Maybe, but you’re probably moving in a certain direction. I can help give you some words. To communicate what that is, and you can take them and run, but so that was like, kind of the 1st iteration. And then I realized, like, you know, what, I might as well go ahead and tell them, like, what their communication style is.

Because again, the more I’m in the weeds doing things with clients, I’m learning that. People sell like they like to be sold to. I am an extremely analytical black and white. Tell me how much I’m going to, if I buy that, what’s the ROI? Like that’s how I buy our head of copywriting agency, complete opposite.

She wants the story. She wants the like feels. And I feel like that’s fluff. She thinks my stuff is like heartless. So you have to, good copy has to communicate to all four styles. No one is reading. Every single word of your copy copy should be like a menu. So that’s why I built the quiz to help people understand what’s their voice, but also how did they like to sell so they can see their blind spots and know like, okay, I’ve got to communicate these other things too.

So yeah, that’s what the quiz does. It has been, it’s again, so funny. I mentioned before we hopped on here, I got a a message in my DMs. It was either last week or the week before somebody saying, like, I’ve taken a lot of quizzes. I cannot believe how much this one hit home with exactly how I feel. And I’m gonna be like, well, that’s it’s based on a lot of, you know, research.

Thank you. But that’s just been proof that this stuff can work for so many years. I didn’t even have you looked up the lead. You, you probably know faster than me. I mean, thousands of leads at this point. I actually have not looked at a number, but I can look it up. If everyone takes to say, I just have to say that I took your quiz this morning and I absolutely loved it.

I, the results and everything, the amount of information and resources you share in your results pages are incredible. Well, I really appreciate that, Jesy. That’s what I think now I want to, I mean, of course, when I made this to AI didn’t exist and now it does. And I, as a copywriter firmly believe, like these things are not coming for a mediocre copywriters, sure.

They’re knocking out if, but you can apply like hooks and strategy and storytelling that AI can’t, but how can AI be used no matter what level? Writer or communicator you are for your business. How can it be used? Just like y’all, it helps so much give you the bones in a quiz. So that’s what I want to do now is go over this thing with a fresh coat of paint.

Show. Okay. Now, you know, these adjectives to describe your voice. Boom. Here’s 10 AI prompts that you can use specific to how you sound and sell that are going to rev up your copy even more. That’s what I want to do now. That’s my dream and vision. That’s exciting. I think people are going to love that.

Anything that gives them prompts specific to them, not just like Basic general stuff and giving people the bones like that is huge. You know, and it’s interesting when I hear you, when I hear you explain the idea of how you even thought about your quiz, you were really ahead of the game, if you think about it, because a lot of what we teach now in quiz making is really trying to understand your audience and your personas and the people that you’re talking about.

And you, you related that to their personality, their communication styles, and you made a quiz out of it. And so it’s. It makes sense why it works so well, Aislinn, because you were ahead of the game. It’s amazing. I did it without probably like, trust me, that was not my, that was a happy accident. Because I was building and now I have, I can look at our audience and tell, you know, it’s funny.

One of the One of the four, I guess, personas you can get is called the whimsical visionary. I serve creative entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t you know, that is the lion’s share of our audience is like, that’s how they like to be communicated to, which of course but yeah, that’s, I know that when you’re building.

Go ahead. Oh, sorry. I was going to say a lot of copywriters, I’m assuming have this creative sort of minds and are visionaries, you know, and it’s funny because when, when I hear you talk about copywriters, I’m literally in that audience where I’m like, Oh, I don’t have a voice. I don’t even know how to write.

So I’m just going to just. Guilty. Me too. You did. It’s like what everybody thinks. Everybody feels like the tube of toothpaste that’s like completely squished and used up and you don’t, you’re like, I have no more prompts. It like, I have no, I’m vanilla. And I think sometimes it just helps seeing with, I don’t know, my team even does that for me, like helping see, okay, no, this is interesting.

This is a unique point. That’s this whole story on its own. And I’ve, it’s kind of like a muscle too. If you can start, like good. There’s a quote somewhere out there. Copy good writers are just good notices of life and anything can be a story or a little. I think people are intimidated with the idea of story thinking it needs to be some big beginning, middle and like a, just be a little aside or a funny anecdote and people are endlessly interested in other people’s lives.

Everyone’s nosy. We all want to know like, what, what are you reading? What do you wash your hair with? What are you like, what, we just like that stuff about people. So you can use little bits of that sprinkled into your copy and showcase your voice. I’m interested to ask you, especially because you know, you have a very successful copywriting business.

You, you teach people, you you have these coaching programs. It’s like, why? In your own opinion, this is like, there’s no right or wrong answer, but why do you think that quizzes are so successful? Like, why do you think people like quizzes? Why do you think people or businesses can be successful in quiz making, right?

And it can be specific for copywriters because I know that’s like mainly, you know, a lot of people that you that you serve, but I’m just curious to know like your opinion on the matter. Yeah, I think it’s simple. We love to self diagnose. We love to learn, like, people are fascinated with learning about themselves and quizzes frame that information, like, back to you.

I was even looking at y’all’s library of quizzes. It’s almost dangerous because then you look at it, you’re like, oh, and then I want to make that I want to make that. Yeah. A the course, but it’s just, we all want to know, like, we can’t get to the bottom of ourselves and we are addicts to it. And I think that’s where quizzes can be so fun.

And exactly like you said, they can be in it. That’s what’s so cool is how creative they can be. And they can fit in any business. I love when people are like, Oh, quiz wouldn’t work for my, what kind of quiz would I do? I have a. Econ business with candles or whatever. It’s like, no, they, I promise you. There can, there’s a quiz in there somewhere and people want to yeah, yeah, that’s interesting.

That’s always my, like, number 1 answer. What people ask me that it’s the same thing. You just said, it’s like, people just like to know about themselves. Like, people just like to understand themselves, whether it’s personality based knowledge based. Learning something about themselves. We are just human.

Like that’s just human behavior. I think, right? Like we just like, like learning. Yeah, exactly. So, so I love that we are aligned in that. That’s great. Did you do some digging? Do we know how many, when my internet decided to come back on? Okay. So your quiz has been. Completed 36, 512 times and you generated 34, 914 leads.

With a quiz I made in 2016 and have barely updated. Like, what? That’s wild. Also, that’s crazy. It’s insane. So out of 36, 000 people, 34, 000 opted in. Yeah, which is incredible. Because I think, you know, it’s like, and copy is everything, but there’s also that moment where you ask for somebody’s like in for personal information and they also have to get over that hump.

Right. And so for you to have just like, what is that? Maybe not even 2000. Leads difference like that is incredible. That’s a huge conversion. It’s a good clean lead to, I think we’re, you know, in a world of freebies and. Downloads and, you know, YouTube university, everything out there for free, like a quiz really does pull you a good, like, if they stuck with you to the end of the quiz and you’ve built the quiz with y’all’s tools to help them get through.

They want the info at the end and they stick around, you know, they’re, they’re on your list. They’re in like, that’s the kind of people I want. So people are wondering like, that’s great. How are you getting people to see your quiz? How are you promoting? Never run ads to that sucker ever. And as a massive opportunity, I should have, I just wasn’t, um, there are, we have pins out there for it.

I have. It’s kind of been like a runaway too. I think people share it. Pinterest is probably the biggest source of traffic to it specifically. And I mentioned it in the footer of like all of our YouTube videos. So that’s really how I promote it is just purely. Traffic generating social media, no pain, that’s wild.

That’s wild. I’m excited. If you do run an ad, I want to hear what happens because you’ve proven it works. Your quiz works. So now that it works after I can like judge it with the AI stuff, that’s, I’m going to tell our ads team, like, let’s, let’s play with this puppy. Like, let’s see what it can do. Yeah, yeah.

I have a question. Have you always had 11 questions in your quiz? Cause this is something that we’ve debated as a team for a long time. We’re always like, is, you know, we’re always like, you know, six to eight questions is ideal. You don’t want to lose people, but it looks like 11 questions is working for you.

It is like, I would love to hear y’all’s thoughts on that. Cause I actually think it was more, and then I called it down because I, I wanted part of the of the quiz to be like, in X questions, I’ll tell you this because I love the quizzes I see in y’all’s library, especially that are like, you know, under 2 minutes.

Like. If I can tell people in advance, how long it’ll take them. So, yeah, I don’t know, maybe I should try to, but it seems like the, I’ll look at the slides. It seems like the start to finish rate isn’t terrible, but I mean, I love to play the numbers game and, like, be the benchmark this is this is like a perfect case study of, like.

Yes, you put a lot of thought into your quiz questions and your quiz results, but you’ve also just like got it out there and you just started testing it and you just put it on your website and you just like, Hey, let’s see how this thing performs. It’s not like 100 percent maybe like the way that you would want it to be, but it’s still performing incredibly well.

And you didn’t really like, it doesn’t seem like you like completely overthought the process. You know, you were just like, this looks clean. This looks good. Let’s get it out there, team. That’s amazing. So true. And that’s like, again, like I did that before. I, I would say the, the more I’m in business, the more I overthink things.

I love 2016 Ashlyn who was like, let’s go, let’s put it up . I need to like channel that again because I think that’s, yeah. That’s how we should I Oh my goodness. I, my friend said from the conference that we were, we are all in attendance that I love how she said, outsource your number one question to a quiz like.

Blue my mind, my brain in a puddle on the floor when she said that I immediately box heard the person who is in our customer service. And I said, like, tell me the top 5 questions that you get, because I think that is such a smart idea to, like, our next quiz again. Maybe I can, like. Brush it off, make it in a day, not be precious about it.

And like I was with this one, but what a great way to serve your people is give them expedite the process, make it fun for them to get the information that they were already looking for. I thought that was brilliant when she said that. Yeah, it was Dawn, right? Yes, it was Dawn. I was thinking, I was thinking that it was her episode like a couple weeks ago.

So smart. So smart. Yeah, that’s been good. I, and you didn’t ask this, but some other quizzes we’ve made that have been super helpful have been at the end of sales funnels to help people understand if a product is right for them or not. Because everyone thinks a marketer is out to separate a fool from his money and like, we’re out to get you.

And so I think if you can make a quiz that clearly diagnosis, like, no, this is actually not for you if X, Y, and Z, and you like, build the quiz to give them no results. That’s been great for us too. We put that at the back end of 2 products and it’s been great. And I should make 1 for a lot, like, every single product we have.

Yeah, that’s incredible because I think a lot of times, I mean, in general, I talk about quizzes as your top of funnel, you know, the foot in the door kind of a thing, right? Like it’s what gets people to your door, whereas like it can work at different stages of the funnel. It really just depends on what you want to do with your quiz.

You have to figure it out. Like, and I think like if you are trying, if you get a ton of questions on the same thing, it’s like, oh, this is perfect. Like, let me just do it in a quiz. Yeah, I completely agree. And this kind of just for all the listeners listening out there, this is also part of like a quiz course that we offer.

Like this is one of the things that we do teach. Like if there is a question constantly comes up, just make your quiz about that. And this is exactly what Ashley and saying that Don, that that’s what her quiz is mainly about. When we had a podcast episode with her a few weeks ago, she just made the quiz to answer the question that people just kept asking her over and over and over again.

And it’s been, it’s worked for her. Very well as well. So amazing. I love to hear this. It’s getting me excited. Ashley, so you were talking about kind of judging up your quiz with AI. Can you talk a little bit more about why? And then also what are you looking for differently? Yes. So I’ve talked to some of our coaching clients and our membership and our students about this, but if you can like If you’re out to find what is the onliness factor of your offer, your product, your course, whatever it is, a lot of us can use the, like our IP, your intellectual property in it, like your method as the hook, like you probably do things in a certain order.

So if that’s your. Concept make the quiz to help them diagnose kind of through that. Like, that’s kind of what mine is, right? It’s based on like, a theory that I had. So, if you have a theory or a hypothesis and your quiz can walk them through that and your hypothesis holds up, then over time, you look around and you’re like.

You know, you’ll give her a show. You’ve got three years of more information and more research and more resources that you’ve made that you can apply on top of like your method that you already have. So that’s what I want to do now is take like, I have these four different approaches to buying and selling, and I want to go in each one now and just provide people updated resources for one.

I have, you know, Almost a YouTube every single week. So there’s more tools to help them. I want to probably sell harder at the end of it. Like, Hey, here’s a specific tool in the shop that will help you with this. Here is exactly how do you need to talk about this further? Click here, book a call with our team, like go ahead and help point them to what’s next.

I think maybe I will say 2016 Ashland was afraid. Probably to do that, I’m not as afraid anymore. I’m like, we have built good things that can help people. So that’s 1 update. I want to make to it. And then, yeah, adding little prompts where people can, like, copy paste and throw it into chat. We know. We on a chat and I told her, like, a Lamborghini, if you know how to drive them.

Otherwise, you’re like me, you know, this is a real pretty. So I want to help people like, no, exactly here. Copy paste, throw this and get this spit back. That’s what I want to help. So those are probably my 3 big goals with wanting to judge. On top of we have a designer that’s working on some rebranding.

I just, I looked up and I thought all of a sudden, I’m like, I’m moodier. I am like this light in here, you know, just some of the stuff with the brand. And like over time, I think I’ve just gotten more like I don’t know. The brand visuals changed a little bit. So Codapain cannot wait to roll that out. New Lamborghini.

Yeah. New Lamborghini. Not that I’ve ever, I don’t even know if I have, I haven’t seen one. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. I just this is slightly off topic, but in relation to your quiz, still an AI, like can you, as a copywriter, can you give our listeners a little bit of I don’t know what to call this.

Maybe like a pep talk or like why, why you’re not afraid. To use AI as a copywriter. Oh my gosh, yes. And I, oh yes. I have journals on this in November. So I started playing around with AI in my business in February of 2022. It was, I guess November of 2022, wasn’t it? That chat, GPT launched and like broke the internet million subscribers and like.

48 hours. I cried. I cried so hard. I was like, my entire livelihood is done. Like I wouldn’t play with it. I was terrified about a week later. I started playing with it more terrified, but then I was also like, but it’s not good, but I didn’t know how to prompt it. So that goes on for like two months.

Finally, February, I just like put on my big girl pants. I thought, okay, the wave is here. I can either hop on and learn how to surf, or I can just let crash destroy me. I 100% believe that it will replace mediocre and bad copywriters. I think, and I’ve, I did a YouTube about it. There’s five things that you can do as a human that a AI can’t do.

You’re a better storyteller. You can know how to hook ai, can’t you have an eq? You can read the room. A bot cannot read the room. Like there’s just. Elements that you have that it doesn’t. And so if you can figure out how to have the tool up and prompt it well, and just use it. I think a lot of us hate the blank white page.

If you can use it to get you a dang good first draft of something, that’s where it can be very powerful. Use it to clean, edit, give you fresh ideas. I use it constantly. Like I say, you know, give me a word cloud of every word. 100 words having to do with the word library. If I’m trying to brainstorm something, you know, there’s a huge list of words that now I can play and be creative.

One time I was playing with it and I was using references and it said something like pull off your Daft Punk helmet and finally see blah, blah, blah. And I was like, that’s so funny. Like I would have never thought to use a Daft Punk reference in this email, but I did. So that’s, that’s where it is fun for me.

And. I also believe I tell copywriters this, there’s going to be, let’s get to the top of the bell curve and it’ll come down, but I’m pretty sure there will probably be a premium again on custom done for you, non AI work, like artisan, true made from human hands work. I think we’re going to we will see, we already have AI has.

Exploded the amount of content out there. It’s a, when the attention, when the dollar world, so now that there’s so much more words out there, you have to be even faster, better, stronger, funnier, and AI can, can help you do that. But you have to put a human spin on it to kind of like. Beat the box and get to the top.

I love that perspective because I think about I don’t know, like going to home goods and you’re like, Oh, this is, this is cute. But like, if you go travel and you find something similar, it’s like, okay, now I want to buy it here because this is like a small shop, like this person made it this morning or like last week or whatever it was, you know, and, and there is like a market for that as well.

That’s a good analogy. And there’s a writer named and Hanley, I totally commend her newsletter to anybody. She wrote about how she has a copy of maybe it’s Charlotte’s web. And then somebody mailed her a 1st edition Eby white signed copy and she was like, same book. Which one do you think? I love the one with the human touch.

Like, that’s the difference in like, AI produced copy and then copy that has like a human touch to it. We gravitate towards the, like you just said, the one that has that thumbprint on it. I love that. I agree with that because even now with like, our AI tool and all of our customers can create their quiz within 2 minutes.

We, we explicitly say, like, this is your, this is a rough draft, like, you can 100 percent from their elaborate your result page, either yourself or hire a copywriter to make it sound the way that you like, it’s really just. A way to get your creative juices going and really start like focusing your brand voice and what you want it to look like and sound like.

And then you just kind of from there, you know? Yes. Yeah. Yes. That’s kinda like when you buy a shirt at the store, right? Like you buy a shirt at the store, it’s just a shirt, but like when you accessorize it and now it becomes your personal style. Mm-Hmm. . That’s true with the analogies, man. Actually I woke up this, I woke up this morning and I.

Feel wrecked. I don’t know why. I just feel so tired this week. Like it, it’s, it’s been a tough week, but I don’t know now, now the juices are flowing. amazing. Sometimes I never feel like sometimes when you’re, I guess it’s like what, at like 1:00 AM you can be creative when you’re just like, who cares? And you’re tired.

That’s a sometimes like your brain’s random ideas come from. Yep. Yeah. Hundred percent. A hundred percent. Love that. I’m trying to think if there’s any guys, you have any last minute questions on Ashlyn’s quiz. I think I’m just excited to see how you’re going to, you know, combine AI with it and everything.

I think it’s going to be huge. I’m excited to see it. And I’m excited to hear you run ads on it because your numbers are insane. It’s about time, right? It is about time. Well, I, I, I agree. I do have like a last minute question. I think maybe you were going to ask this too, Jasmine, because I saw it in one of the questions that you were going to ask her, but you’re like a true like testament of a lot of the things that we try to tell our customers, or we try to tell people that are coming in brand new and quiz making are very worried, or sometimes they really just don’t even know what direction to take.

And I’m sure you get this with copywriting. And it’s interesting to hear how you, your story of like, how you started your quiz and you just got it out there and then you really haven’t been like running ads or anything. It’s just been an organic sort of like process for you. Like, what would you tell people?

Like, if they’re just thinking about, Hey, I’m just going to try a quiz. Like, what would you, what would you tell them or encourage them or what advice would you say when it comes to that? Love it. Block a day of workday, go in Interact’s library of ideas and just play in the sandbox. Like, remember when business, when you started and it was like fun and you could just play and imagine, and there is no construct of like, or.

I don’t know, like I miss scheduled free time, the more you are in business is really difficult. But I think a quiz can be that for you. And it also the beauty is it doesn’t take that long to build like it. You truly could get it done in a day, see how far you get and then just see what happens. I mean, I, yeah, I definitely.

I, there’s so many blind spots to my quiz or the campaign. Like, people could, I know it could be ripped out, but like, sorry, ripped down, torn down, like, but it’s just try it. Like, who, who knows? It could, it could take off the, there’s so much in what you guys have given as the building blocks that it. Well, I would say, like, with great certainty, it will probably work and it, like, you’ll with minimum tweaking, you could have a great minimum Bible product.

What is that? The guy that founded LinkedIn? He said, if you launch it perfect, you launched it too late. Like, if you just try, I’m, I’m blown away with what you can build in there quickly. And that’s. It’s almost dangerous because I look at it and I’m like, I want 10 more. I, I need to just like make better what I have and run ads, right?

Run ads finally. But that’s what I would tell somebody block a day, go have fun. It, the, I’m, and y’all have it divided up by category. Like go look at a category completely different from what you do. Like if you’re in copy, y’all had a copywriting section, go look at something vastly different and see like what would be fun.

I’ve told this to clients to like, play around on BuzzFeed for a little bit, just like, remember the, the voicey silliness of the questions and let yourself kind of be a kid again, and then pull that over when you build your quiz too. I love that. I love that. Intrax new slogan, just try it. Yeah. Who knows?

I was just thinking as you were like talking and, and kind of you know, about like just trying it when you hopped in, in 2016, I don’t, I don’t even think we had like redirect landing pages at the time. We didn’t have, we didn’t have pop up. Pop ups or like announcement bars, like all of that was like iterated, you know, as the years went by.

So it’s just so crazy that you’re like, okay, let’s just go with it and, and see what happens. That’s another thing I need to look and see, like, what do y’all have changed and grown the tool that with features I am not using that I totally should be so.

I love it. Well, Ashlyn, thank you so much for hopping on and chatting with us and telling us all about your quiz that we might need to do another one when you get out and let us know how it’s going. But can you before we hop off, tell everybody where they could find you online and yeah, I guess anything else.

Absolutely. Well, thank you. And like, I, I just believe so much in what you’ve built. And thank you for making something that made it so fun to get thousands of leads. I am at ashtonwrights. com. Hopefully by the time this drops, our new website will be up. And you know, that quiz may be refreshed, but that’s where I live on the internet and I, I always tell people, like, I try to have at least like one free resource for anything that you may be stuck on writing.

So reach out if you need anything or you’re, you’re stuck in that white, white Page in the blinking cursor because that’s our goal. That’s what we’re after in my business. I love it. I love it. Thank you so much. Thank you for listening and we’ll see you next time. Bye. Bye.

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