Ep. 131

Principles to Grow an Ecommerce Business with Hrag from Henry's House of Coffee

Welcome to another Founder Insights episode where we reconnect with our esteemed guest and friend, Hrag from Henry’s House of Coffee, who provides an insight into his successful digital marketing approach through tumultuous times. We’re going to talk about his experience with e-commerce during COVID-19, his shift from WooCommerce to Shopify, and his strategy with subscription products that could drastically improve your business.

Navigating E-commerce during COVID-19

The pandemic brought unpredictable challenges in terms of commerce but Hrag points out an interesting turn of events within his business. As physical stores closed, customers significantly shifted to online purchases resulting in an astounding increase in orders. With these new circumstances, they had to quickly adapt with upgraded systems to accommodate the demand surge, reinforcing how businesses must be agile and customer-focused in today’s world.

Transitioning to Shopify and Klaviyo

In 2021, Hrag tells us how they made a strategic shift from WooCommerce and MailChimp to Shopify and Klaviyo respectively. With this transition, they experienced a boost in overall conversion rates due to the superior checkout process of Shopify and greater customization options through Klaviyo. This move demonstrates the importance of keeping up-to-date with technology and not being afraid to make bold changes for your business if they can add value for your customers.

Implementing Subscription Products

Around 20% of Hrag’s business comes from his subscription products. Enhancements were made to the subscription process through using recharge, which has excellent customer experience and offers a high degree of customization. The user-friendly nature of subscriptions stems from giving customers control over their shipments, alleviating any subscription fear. The key lesson here is focusing on customer convenience, and how such a measure can result in substantial business outcomes.

In Conclusion

Hrag’s journey in the past few years resonates with the trials and tribulations faced by the entrepreneurial community during these unprecedented times. His agility and resilience during COVID, strategic decisions to shift to more efficient platforms, and smart subscription strategy prove instrumental for thriving in the e-commerce space. Now, as you move forward, ponder over these insights, and determine how you could implement such strategies for the growth of your own commerce business.

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