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What temperature would the world be at without the greenhouse effect?

200 degrees Celcius


200 degrees Fahrenheit 


-18 degrees Celcius 


-18 degrees Fahrenheit


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What are the four most common greenhouse gasses?

Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Water Vapour.


Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Nitrogen and Air.


Carbon Dioxide Water Vapour Uranium Dioxide and Methane.


Water Vapour Nitrous Oxide Methane and Air.


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How much more acidic has the ocean become since the Industrial Revolution?









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How many jobs does climate change threaten? (approx)

1 billion


1000 billion


100 billion


3 billion


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what kind of effect is "increased frequency of extreme weather events"? (primarily)









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How do we know climate change is happening?

by drilling ice cores


by drilling ice holes


by drillings sand holes


by drilling earth cores


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What does the IPCC stand for?

Intercontinental place of Climate Change


Interactive platform for Climate Cruising


Intergovernmental panel on climate change


Interspecies planet to Combat Climate


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Why is eating less beef a good way to help reduce climate change?

Because cows eat too much grass.


ecause cows burp greenhouse gasses.


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