Coffee Matchmaker

Use this template to recommend the right roast to each potential customer. Quiz takers will answer six questions and find their coffee match, as well as have an opportunity to opt-in to your list!

"Coffee Matchmaker" quiz template cover page

Quiz Transcript

Coffee Matchmaker

Find your perfect roast to make your morning brew the most enjoyable experience you could imagine (or afternoon/evening brew, that's cool too)

Find Your Match

Which tasing notes sound good to you?

Apricot and Spice


Chocolate and coconut


Nutty and rich


Citrusy and sharp


1 / 6

Which flavor profiles appeal to you?

Savory and rich, umami all the way


Call me strange, but I'm into bitter


Sweet, sweet, sweet, oh and sweet


Salty, give me some crunchy salty things


2 / 6

Do you tend to like lighter or darker roasts?

Light roasts mostly


Light to medium


Medium to dark roasts


Dark roast all the time


I don’t know, help me pick


3 / 6

Let’s talk about texture, how do you like your coffee to feel?

Light and delicate


Heavy and syrupy


Somewhere in the middle


4 / 6

How do you make your coffee at home?

Coffee maker


French Press


Pour Over




Cold Brew




Espresso Machine


5 / 6

Do you like your coffee black or with cream and sugar?



With cream and sugar


I switch it up, depends on the day


6 / 6

Your Coffee Match: Ethiopian light roast

Light, bold, bright, strong. Seemingly contradictory words, but for you they all make sense in tandem. Your life is all about living in the "yes and" space where you enjoy the highs and the lows, the ups as well as the downs.

This coffee reflects that personality because while it's a light roast, it's also strong and bold, not backing down to its counterparts.

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Your Coffee Match: Colombian Organic Medium Roast 

Like a point guard or team leader, you're someone who can survey all the options and make your best choice from a higher vantage point.

This medium roast is a like a two-way player on a sports team who can adapt to any situation and thrive. It's got notes of deep, rich dark chocolate but also lighter elements that brighten up the roast.

It can scale up and down depending on how your day is going, and fits right into any situation.

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Your Coffee Match: Organic Arabica Dark

Resilient, strong, and confident. These three words describe your coffee tastes, and more than likely your personality. The dark roast match is perfect for those who see life as an ever-ascending set of challenges to persist through and grow in.

Our dark roast is refined and robust, not gritty or lacking in refinement like you might imagine. It's meant to be full-bodied and complete, without overwhelming the palate.

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Your Coffee Match: Espresso Especial

You are a purist, nothing can stand between you and the quality of the beans you enjoy. That's why the Espresso Especial is a perfect match for you. It's our purest roast and is meant to be enjoyed simply.

The Espresso Especial is on the lighter end of the spectrum for Espresso, we refined it many times to bring out the subtleties of the beans without sacrificing the full bodied nature of excellent Espresso.

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