Find Out Which Jacket Type Are You?

Winters are all about being plump yet stylish. Your modern and chic personality craves for that opportunity to display your inner fashionista. And thus, the kind of jacket you wear contributes a great deal to your look!

Take this quiz to know which jacket type you are.

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What is your idea of dressing up?

I like to be glamorous from morning till night


I dress up according to my mood


I like my outfit laid-back and relaxed


1 / 7

What makes you different from the rest?



Sense of Humour




2 / 7

If you find a stash of money, what is the first thing you’ll do?

Order loads of food


Plan that long-awaited holiday


Inform the police because ‘Parampara Pratishtha Anushaasan’


3 / 7

Who would you love to trade closets with?

Deepika Padukone (Why not!)


Lady Gaga for that saga!


Kareena Kapoor (Poo and proud!)


4 / 7

Does the idea of twinning appeal to you?

Absolutely, it’s really cool to have a doppelganger!


It’s too notable and funny!


Not when the dress looks better on the other person


5 / 7

What is the best part of dressing up?

A. Make-up, Make-up and loads of it!


B. Clicking Selfies!


C. Cute people checking you out!


6 / 7

Out of these, which is your favorite colour scheme?

Soft pastels


Moderates matter


Bright and vibrant shades


7 / 7

You are a Bomber Jacket!

A stylish fashionista, you never fail to garner compliments for your versatile fashion sense. You are a style icon and ‘beauty with brains’ is your biggest asset. Throwing sass around like confetti, you are comfortable in your own skin.

You are a Leather Jacket!

Confident and brave, you love to live life by your own rules. Your crazy dressing sense is what makes you different from the rest. You do not have to spend much time thinking about your OOTD because you rock every outfit that you adorn.

You are a Faux Fur Jacket!

You are proud of the laid back and comfortable person that you are, and people find home in you. People admire you and wish to know the secrets to your confidence in carrying outfits gracefully. You are a trend for those who follow you and you make a statement wherever you go.