How Bad Is Your Writer's Block?

Are you stuck in your story and can't find your way out or are you handling it just fine?

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Is this the first book you've tried to write?



No. I've finished books before.


1 / 10

How long have you been working on this story?

0-3 Months


3-6 Months


6-12 Months


More than a year


2+ years


2 / 10

Do you write every day?





3 / 10

What gets in the way of your writing most?



Supporting my family


Nothing. I write every day.


Finding time to write.


Lack of inspiration.


4 / 10

When you sit down to write you...

Write 2000 words in under 2 hours


Write 300 words, but know you'll rewrite them tomorrow


Stare at the blank screen trying to come up with something to type


Browse social media


5 / 10

When you have free time, you are most likely to...





Hang out with friends


Watch television


6 / 10

When you read your own writing you feel...

Proud. It's good stuff. I'm a great writer!


Anxious. People are going to tear this apart.


Disappointed. I'm nowhere near good enough to make it as a full-time author.


7 / 10

When someone asks what your book is about you...

Scramble over how to condense an entire fictional population into a few sentences.


Give them a one-sentence answer


Tell them to read the book when it comes out. It'll be awesome.


8 / 10

When do you want to release or begin querying your book?

This year


Next year


I'm not in a rush to publish


9 / 10

How have you conquered writer's block before?

Books on writing


Waiting for inspiration to finally strike


Investing in one-on-one support


I haven't conquered writer's block--yet!


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You scored a 0

Have you considered finding help?

You're blocked beyond belief and that must feel so frustrating! But don't worry! There is power in numbers and you can beat this!

If you feel like I'm the one to help you, let's talk!

You scored a 6

You may be blocked.

Not too shabby! You are on your way to discovering how to beat your writer's block. Now the question is how long are you willing to wait and are you happiest doing it on your own?

If you'd like to see if having support would help you meet your writing goals and create a writing routine that can establish a career, let's talk!

You scored a 12

Blocked? No way! You've got this!

If you took this quiz for validation of your awesome-ness, allow me to provide it!

You've got what it takes to crush your writing goals! If you ever feel blocked and want support, take this quiz again and see what you get!

I can't wait to read you book!