How can you be more eco-friendly?

Discover how to take better care of our planet

Let's go!

When are your lights on?

Late afternoon and evening


From afternoon till the morning


Evening and night


Sometimes during the day + evening or/and night


1 / 7

Where do you take notes (school or work)?





2 / 7

Do you take showers or baths? How often?

1 shower


1 baths


1 bath 1 shower


2 baths


2 showers


3 showers


3 / 7

What kind of bags do you mostly use when shopping?





4 / 7

In what is the food you eat mostly packeted in?





5 / 7

Do you recycle your paper and plastic?

Both yes


Both no


Mostly plastic


Mostly paper


6 / 7

Where do you drink water from?

Plastic bottle


Glass bottle


Plastic cup (non reusable)


Reusable cup or bottle


7 / 7

You use too much plastic

Your results say that you use way too much plastic. A few things you could do to reduce the amount of plastic you use are:

Take a lunch box or reusable bag, instead of a paper or plastic bag
Buy better quality school supplies so that they last longer and don’t lose them
Use a reusable water bottle
Don’t use straws
Bring your own bag when shopping

You use too much paper

Your results say that you use way too much paper. A few things you could do to reduce the amount of paper you use are:

Use computer to take notes
Use a towel to dry your hands
Purchase recycled paper
Try to use notebooks and sheets of paper as much as possible before throwing out (hopefully in a recycle bin)

You use too much electricity

According to your results you need to lower the amount of electricity you use. Here's a few things you could do:

Turn off unnecessary lights
Take short showers, not baths
Unplug unused electronics
Turn water off when shaving, washing hands, brushing teeth