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Which type of lightbulb used 75% less energy?

Incandescent Lights


Fluorescent Lights


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True or False. While plugged into power, devices still use energy even when they're turned off. 





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Which of these is not a way to save energy?

Riding your bike to school instead of driving


Using the sun for natural light instead of turning the lights on


Playing video games instead of playing outside


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Which of these answers is a way to save energy?

Walking or riding your bike instead of driving


Wearing a jumper instead of putting the heat on


Unplug devices from the wall when not using them


All of the above


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What is energy conservation?

Not using energy at all


Using less energy


Using more energy than you need to


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Select the reason/s why its important to save energy

Energy costs money


Non-renewable energy sources deplete over time


Some energy sources cause pollution which leads to climate change


Saving energy isn't important


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Fill in the blank. _____ is a great way to be active and save energy

Opening the windows for natural light


Riding your bike


Reading a book


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What is the recommended amount of time for taking a shower?

4 minutes


However long you like


1 minute


10 minutes


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True or False. Reusing and recycling is an important way of saving energy. 





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Fill in the blank. _____ outside of your house can save energy by blocking the sun in summer and letting light in during winter.

Planting trees


Riding your bike


Playing outside


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