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How long do shower for on average?

1-3 minutes


3-5 minutes


5-10 minutes


10-15 minutes


20 minutes or more


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How long do you usually wash your dishes for?

15 minutes


30 minutes


1 hour


2 hours or more


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What flush do you use on your toilet?





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Do you let water run in your sink when washing vegetables, dishes etc?





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When washing your clothes how long do you set the cycle for

15 minute short cycle


30 minute cycle 


1 hour cycle


1.5 hour + cycle


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Cut down your shower time

On average, a shower should be 3 minutes long just for washing your body and 6 minutes long if you plan to wash your hair too. That means no more Beyonce inspired solo concerts.

Limit the times you flush the toilet and make sure your taps are always completely off

If it's yellow let it mellow is the simple mantra to follow! Don't be grossed out, it's only natural!

Catch your grey water in the sink and shower and use it to water your garden

When washing vegetables or your hands use a small bucket covering your drain to catch the grey water. This water can be re-used on your garden! Do the same with your shower water. Your garden will thank you later!

Use a shorter cycle on your dishwasher and washing machine

This will help use less water in a cycle, or just make sure you are stuffing as many clothes as possible into the washing machine to make use of the water thats being used.