How Clean Are You Really?

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How often do you make your bed?

Every day


Once in a while


Never!  What's the point?


Only if company is coming


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Which best describes your junk drawer?

Complete mess! 


What junk drawer?  Everything has a place


Organized into piles


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How frequently do you vacuum?

Once a week


1-2 times a month


Only if family is coming over


I don't even own a vacuum


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Do you do your dishes...?

Immediately after using them


Once the sink is full


Only when absolutely necessary


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Who does most of the cleaning in your house?

Myself!  No one else could do it better


My family; I only clean what's mine


Cleaning service.  I hate to clean!


We clean as necessary.


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How clean would you describe your home?

Perfectly clean


Livably clean and organized, but there are usually daily chores to be done


In desperate need of a deep clean


Complete disaster


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What's your cleaning routine?

I tackle one room at a time


I devote an entire day each week to cleaning the entire house


Spot cleaning as necessary


Sweep it all under the rug and call it a day


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You scored a 0

A Bit of a Mess

Let's face it, cleaning probably isn't your top priority (or a priority at all!) But that's okay, there are tons of services out there to get the job done on your behalf. You've simply got bigger and better things to do than make that bed every morning!

You scored a 11


You don't really care about keeping a clean house, that is until you have company over. You don't mind living in your organized chaos, but would be completely mortified if your friends and family knew just how messy you can be! That's okay; it usually only takes one or two days of cleaning to prepare for visitors.

You scored a 71

Comfortably Clean

You're a pretty clean person in general. You rarely let your dishes pile up, and sheets get washed on a pretty regular schedule. That doesn't mean you don't have a few bad habits, but the good habits far outweigh the bad.

You scored a 151

Clean Freak

You define a rockin' Friday night out as getting a head start on laundry. If you are unfortunate enough to be dragged to a party, you're most likely the one shuffling about cleaning up after guests, despite the fact that it's not your house. When you have company over, they all marvel at your spotless kitchen and immaculate bathroom.