How is your relationship?

"I think for any relationship to be successful, there needs to be loving communication, appreciation, and understanding." 

- Miranda Kerr

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Do you know the habits of your special other well? (e.g. eating habits, sleeping habits, work habits)

yes, very well


unsure of some


not at all


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How often do you tell your special other "I love you"?



on special days




2 / 6

On average, how often do the two of you argue in your relationship?



5-6 times a week


3-4 times a week


1-2 times a week




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What do you do when you fight?

ignore texts and calls


get upset and frustrated


try to communicate and find a solution


initiate break-up


leave the issue as it is


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What is the most common issue you would argue about with your special other?

jealousy issues


conflicting personalities


each other's bad habits


priorities (e.g. friends, time)


freedom/lack of personal space


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How long does it take for you to reconcile with your special other?

within an hour


within half a day


within a day


longer than a day


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You scored a 0

rocky relationship

You deem your relationship as messy and unstable, full of conflicts and arguments. That is not anyone's fault, not yours and not your special other's.

A relationship is essentially built based on two separate individuals trying to reach a common ground and mutually understand each other.

Perhaps, due to circumstances, the two of you may not be the best fit now. With time, your relationship can be nurtured and it may eventually blossom into a beautiful love.

You scored a 9

relatively stable relationship

On a whole, your relationship is pretty stable even though it may have some ups and downs and that is perfectly normal in a relationship.

You and your special other have to communicate more with each other to work out the fine details and move forward together.

To communicate is to talk and listen. It is not just about conveying, it is about making sure your special other understands what you need or want. It is not just about hearing, it is about you understanding what your special other needs or wants.

You scored a 18

committed relationship

Your relationship seems like it is going really strong and heading in the right direction!

Always remember that you and your special other are two distinct individuals and you are choosing your special other for both his/her good or bad points. Their strengths and their weaknesses are what makes them them.

Love is all about finding a balance that works for the both of you. You and your special other may still be in the midst of figuring everything out and that is okay because you have your lives ahead of you to work on it together.