How Jolly and Full of Christmas Spirit are you?

Are you more like Buddy the Elf or The Grinch?

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Pick a Christmas Movie to Watch

Love, Actually


A Charlie Brown Christmas


Home Alone


National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


1 / 7

Pick a Christmas-themed TV show to watch. 

"The One With The Holiday Armadillo"- Friends


"Christmas Party"- The Office


2 / 7

Pick a cookie to eat. 

Pillsbury limited edition






Christmas Oreos


3 / 7

Pick a Christmas Tree


4 / 7

Pick a Christmas Song. 

"All I want For Christmas Is You"- Mariah Carey


"White Christmas"- Elvis Presley


"Mary Did You Know"- Pentatonix


"You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"- Tyler the Creator


5 / 7

Pick an outdoor activity. 





Shoveling Snow


Building a snowman


6 / 7

What's your favorite part about Christmas?

I don't like Christmas. 


Seeing relatives and loved ones


Opening presents


Eating food


7 / 7

You are made of 100% Christmas Joy

You resemble Buddy the Elf... or The Grinch after his heart grew 3 times its size. You are definitely someone who starts celebrating Christmas after Halloween is over.

You have no Christmas Cheer. 

You could use an encounter with Cindy Lou Who. Stop being such a Grinch ya Grinch.

You are made up of 50% Christmas Joy. 

Maybe Christmas isn't your absolute favorite holiday. You definitely aren't one of those people that starts celebrating in November. Although, you tolerate it and thoroughly enjoy the gifts and time with loved ones.

You are made up of 75% Christmas Joy. 

You love Christmas just not as much as Buddy the Elf! You wait until after Thanksgiving to begin your celebrating, but once you start, you dive right in!