How long will your marriage last?

Are you someone who believes in the notion ‘Happily Ever After’? Or are you a skeptic who thinks that modern-day marriages need a lot of work. Take this quiz and find out how long will your marriage last.

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How often do you and your spouse eat together?

Almost Everyday


Try to have dinner together


Once in a while


1 / 7

Do you check on your partner in the day?

Every day, whenever I or my partner gets a break from work


Whenever there is an update to share


Only in case of an SOS


2 / 7

How do you celebrate important events like birthdays and anniversaries?

Throw in surprises and bashes


Give each other a loving hug and go out for dinners


Quite uneventful…just let the date pass by


3 / 7

How often do you get intimate under the sheets?

We can barely keep our hands off each other


On weekends, but we make sure it is eventful


I can’t remember the last time we explored that


4 / 7

Do you both consider each other in decision making?

Yes, definitely


Not always


My partner takes all the decisions


5 / 7

After a fight, you..

Try to resolve the conflict by having the heart to heart conversations


One of us will try to talk after a lull period


Fake smile and try to shove the issue under the rug


6 / 7

Have you thought upon cheating on your spouse?

He/she is my only one Only 


when its with a hot celebrity Not much! 


Just about 10 times a day 😉 


7 / 7

Your Marriage Would Last A Lifetime

You and your spouse love each other and share a great bond together. Your relationship has all the takings of a nurturing and loving companionship that will last forever.

Your Marriage Would Last For 20 years

Though you both are in a solid relationship, but after some years your life together might become somewhat mundane . You need to add more spark in your marriage and try doing things together and for each other more often.

Your Marriage Would Last For 7 Years  

Call it as the quintessential 7-year itch, but your marriage needs a lot of effort from both ends. You can consider seeing a therapist or going to marriage counselling sessions together as a last ditch effort to save your marital bond.