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What is the purpose of engine oil?

It lubricates the engine's internal moving parts


It helps prevent dirt buildup in the engine


It helps keep the engine from overheating


It does all of the above


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Is it necessary to change your car's spark plugs?

Yes, of course you have to change them


No, you can just recharge them


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Dual exhausts can help increase the horsepower in these engines except:

V6 Engine


Non-turbocharged four-cylinder engine


Turbocharged four-cylinder engine


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These are common effects after hitting a pothole except:

Affected car alignment


Bent rims


Loss of air pressure in tire


Damaged wipers


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Bigger rims are better at absorbing impact.





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It's a good idea to switch to Neutral when stopping at the traffic light.

False: That's how you wear out your transmission


True: I'll waste a lot of fuel if I don't


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