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1. How do you resolve an argument? 

We carefully listen to each other until we understand our needs


We get over it without too much fuss and caress each other


We simply ignore it and pretend it didn't happen


There's hardly any resolution-we fight until the bitter end. 


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2. Do you often say things you regret later during arguments?

Never, we take care about what comes out of our mouths 


Rarely, and we get over it


Sometimes, but we ignore them


Unfortunately, yes, we do it often


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3. Can you validate each other when you disagree?

Yes, we have absolutely no problem about that


Yes, most times


Sometimes, but we usually ignore each other's opinion


No, we always fight to impose each one's opinion 


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4 Do you work to find a mutually satisfying resolution when an argument is over?

Yes, most times


Yes, although its a compromise and we're not really happy about it. 


No, we just forget about it until our next fight


No, it's always me versus him or her


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5. Do you feel overwhelmed during arguments?

No, because we're always calm and rational


No, because we are relaxed all the time


Sometimes, but it's not that serious


Yes, often


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6. How fast do you re-establish connection after an argument?

We never lose connection even if we have a conflict 


Quite fast


In a few hours 


It takes days or weeks 


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7. Do you keep in touch during the day? 

Yes, all the time


Yes, two or three times a day


maybe once at most 


We rarely do that 


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8. Is sweeping issues under the rug a habit in your relationship? 

No, because we talk about every issue while it's hot


Sometimes, but we deal with those things when they start to pile up


Unfortunately, yes


Fighting is a bigger problem than sweeping issues under the rug


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9. Do you often hurt each other’s feelings?  

Not really, because we tend to ignore each other


Unfortunately yes


No, we take care to be gentle even when we disagree


It rarely happens


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10. Do you ever bring up past issues in your current arguments?

Never because we know its a bad strategy




We don't even bother to do that anymore




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