How much do you know about Penguins?

Do you know a penguin from a flamingo?

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How many species of penguins are there?









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What are penguins main diet?



Seafood e.g. fish, squid






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Which is the biggest species of penguins by height and weight?

Humboldt Penguin


King Penguin


Emperor Penguin


African Penguin


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Where are the Humboldt Penguins found?



North Pole




South America


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How many eggs can an Emperor Penguin produce at one time? 









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How many Penguins are there in Antartica?

5 thousand


12 million


6 billion


10 million


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How did the Chinstrap penguin get its name?

They don't like other penguins


They have funny necks


They wear hats


They have a distinctive line under their chin


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Which penguin can swim the fastest? 

Gentoo Penguin


Little Penguin


Adelie Penguin


Galapagos Penguin


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How long does it take a penguin to lose its feathers?

78-90 days


13-34 days


2-8 days


6 months


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How do Emperor penguins keep warm during the Antarctic winters? 

They wear jumpers


They have a giant heater


They go in caves


They huddle together in large groups


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Little Penguin

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Emperor Penguin

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