How Much Do You Love Your Home Appliances?

Take this quiz and we will tell you how much you care about your household items

Let's do it

How do you feel about your home appliances?

They help run my house smoothly, so I care about them.


I love them when they work, I hate them when they don't


I don't have a feeling, they're machines and they serve their purpose.


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How often do you clean your appliances?

Everyday! A clean home is happy home.


They are fine the way they are.


When they are noticeably dirty, I clean them. 


2 / 6

We want to give you some great maintenance tips for your appliances.

Awesome! I'm looking forward to it.


Maybe I'll check some.


No need. I don't care about maintenance. 


3 / 6

Have you ever thought about servicing your fridge? 

I've thought about it.


Yes I have done it, it extended the fridge's life cycle.


Never thought about it


4 / 6

How often do you clean your stove top area?

I will clean it


I never clean it, I like it dirty


I regularly clean it


5 / 6

Be honest: Does your kitchen looks overloaded?

Yes, that's my style


Never, I keep my kitchen organized


Sometimes I lose control over it.


6 / 6

You need to be Serious

Our home reflects our own nature & true self and it starts with kitchen & bathroom. You need to be serious regarding managing your home maintenance skill.

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You have Room to Grow

Supposedly, love means never having to say you’re sorry. But you’ve neglected cleaning and maintaining some of your appliances enough that it’s time to change. Be the person your appliances deserve.

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Good Job! Now it's time to level up

You have shown great example by caring for your home appliance items, which means you care about your house and your family. Keep it up.

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