How much should I charge as a yoga teacher?

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How long have you been teaching?

0-2 years


3-6 years


7-12 years


12-20 years


More than 20 years


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How many teaching hours have you logged?









More than 10000


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Where do you teach?

small town in a rural area


small urban area


major city or metropolitan area


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How upscale or desirable is the area you teach?

economically depressed


middle of the road - not depressed, but not trendy or posh


trendy - a desirable place to live with a diverse population


posh - everyone who lives nearby is wealthy


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Do you have a niche?

I don't think so...


I teach a variety of classes to anyone who shows up


I have a niche, but it is pretty crowded - there are a lot of other people doing the same thing.


I have a specific niche and there are a few other people around here who have the same or similar niches, but not many.


I have a unique niche and I don't know anyone else nearby who offers what I do to the same population. 


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Getting Started

Expect to charge a minimum of $20 per hour of teaching. This usually does not cover planning time. Think of this time as a continuation of your training so that any money you make is a bonus. You will probably want to have another job besides just teaching yoga as it is too energy intensive to make a living at this rate.

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Gaining Confidence

At this stage, you can expect a minimum of $40 per hour not including planning or travel. You may be able to make a living just off teaching yoga but it requires hard work, strong boundaries, and saavy time management.

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Yoga Professional

You've put in the work and it's time to charge a professional rate. Plan on $60 per hour as your minimum for time spent teaching. Your private session rate will likely be higher ($80-$150), depending on the going rate in your area. If you create your business strategically, you can definitely support yourself as a yoga teacher.

You scored a 11

Seasoned Professional

You are in a great position to develop a thriving business teaching yoga. Plan to charge a minimum of $80/hour for your time spent teaching. Your private session rate might be higher ($100-$150) based on where you live and your niche. You may also be able to charge some for planning and travel depending on your business set up.

You scored a 14

Senior Teacher

You have the background and specialization to be a leader in your field. Your minimum hourly rate should be around $100 per hour. Your standard rate can definitely be higher, but think of $100 being the average including planning and travel.