How should you style your new bathroom? Take this quiz to find out

Ever thought of remodelling your bathroom? Discover the best style to suit your personality by taking this quiz!

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1. How much time do you need in the morning to get yourself ready for the day?

a. 10 to 15 minutes


b. 30 minutes


c. 1 hour


d. 2 hours or more


1 / 8

2. Which bathtub appeals to you the most?


2 / 8

3. You’re in your bathtub, unwinding, what type of music would you choose to help you relax?

a. Classical


b. Pop


c. R&B


d. Jazz


3 / 8

4. You’re on vacation, what type of hotel room would you stay at?


4 / 8

5. Choose a wall tile:


5 / 8

6. What scent calms you the most?

a. Citrusy


b. Floral


c. Vanilla


d. Woodsy


6 / 8

7. Choose a colour scheme:


7 / 8

8. Choose a bathroom feature you’ve always dreamt of having


8 / 8

Mostly A

A vintage bathroom is the one for you. Your personal style is timeless and so your bathroom should be too! You like a classic and neutral vibe that is reminiscent of the past.

Mostly B – Contemporary

Trendy and always up to date with what’s hot, Contemporary is the style for you. Clean lines and crisp designs will turn your bathroom into a personal haven!

Mostly C – Minimalist

Simplicity is truly beauty, like the bathroom style that suits you best: Minimalist. You like clean designs and natural colours. You prefer to stay away from elements that are unnecessary and distracting.

Mostly D – Industrial

You have an unusual charm to yourself, just like your bathroom style: Industrial. You prefer a bathroom that is functional yet edgy. It’s a simple design yet has a certain look that makes it stand out.