Lets get to dream home hunting!

A few simple questions can help us get started.

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Where would you prefer to live?

The "Burbs", totally.


Urban High-rise


Far Out Man


City Bungalows


Historic City Rehabs


1 / 5

Which kitchens are for you?

Needs updating but still has charm...


Basically updated


Dated Updating


Don't mind it...I'll update


We want it all.


2 / 5

What do you see yourself enjoying?

Nearby business district & galleries


Walking to local shops, bakeries & pubs


Walks, jogs, Farmer's Markets & Dogs


Historic touristy spots, lots of visitors


Delicious & diverse food scene!


In the mix...social events, count me in. 


Quiet suburb amenities


3 / 5

What style home appeals most?

I like all kinds


Historic Grandeur 


Ranch is for me


Brick Bungalows


Newer Construction 


Old Charmer


4 / 5

I definitely need...





Updated bathrooms


Finished lower level


Outdoor space like a deck or patio


5 / 5

South City Living

You like activity and enjoy the company of others. Local pubs, bakeries, and coffee shops are your jam. You love seeing people walk their dogs, small music venues & a city green space with outdoor yoga and ethnic events sounds great.


You enjoy the simple pleasures of life and don't mind a drive. You're perfectly happy staying in your neighborhood for activities and getting in the car to grab dinner out. Strip malls don't bother you... they're super convenient.

Best of Both

The city is a little too busy. You like events and community but you prefer sprawling yards, unique architecture styles, and bigger yards. Your deck is a mighty fine spot to hang when you're not enjoying a new gallery or a local theatre performance. This is where you belong.

St. Louis Hills

Sophisticated, yet charming. City living but a little more quiet. Lots of walkability but not as close to a highway. Competing Holiday light displays and frozen custard are in your future. Your yard might be smaller but you are surrounded by lovely parks and sidewalks.