Personality Test For Your Dog

This is a fun Quiz that lets you know your dog's personality

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What breed is your dog?

German Shepherd










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How active is your dog?

Active all the time won't sit still


Active most of the time


Active some of the time




Very lazy prefers snoozing around


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What are they like when they meet new people? 

They get very excited


They get somewhat excited


They are indifferent


They get very shy


They get very scared and run to a quiet place


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What do they do when you come home?  

They get very excited and greet you at the door, then start jumping up at you


They start barking 


They stay where they are


They greet you at the door so you can pat them




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How social are they with other dogs? 

Very Social to all dogs


Social to only dogs they know


Somewhat social


Not really social, they are shy 


Not at all social, they become aggressive 


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How obedient are they? 

Very Obedient


Mostly Obedient


Somewhat Obedient


Rarely Obedient 


Never Obedient


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How old is your dog?

Very Old










7 / 7


Congratulations your dog is very intelligent. They are able to understand commands and make good decisions. They are always ready to apply themselves and know when you are not pleased with their performance.


Congratulations your dog is friendly. Your dog is easily able to make friends with other dogs and love to meet new friends. They always get excited when your family of friends come over and they are never afraid to greet them.


Congratulations your dog is affectionate. Your dog is always wanting love and attention. They especially love it when you give them heaps of pats. They are always willing to receive hugs and curl up on the couch or on the bed with you. They love you completely and love to show this to you.


Congratulations your dog is protective. Your dog is always there to make sure that you are safe and okay. You can rest assured that they will protect your home and you no matter the obstacle in front of them. This can mean that they will not be friendly and are only kind and affectionate to the people they know very well.


Congratulations your dog is curious. Your dog loves being outdoors and exploring new places. They also love meeting new dogs. This means they love being active and need their mind stimulated often. They don't do well when they are bored which means they can start causing havoc when left alone. They always ready for an adventure.


Congratulations your dog is loyal. Your dog is only loyal to you and those close to them. This makes them not able to make friends easily and they are less likely to trust strangers. When friends or family come over they won't run away and hide, however, they are less likely to greet them.