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What are the three characteristics of birds of prey?

Sharp talons to catch their food


Dive in the water for their food


Sharp hooked beak


Long flat beaks 


Eat meat 


Eat seeds


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Which raptor has specialized feathers for silent flight?

Red-shouldered Hawk


Peregrine Falcon


Barred Owl 


Bald Eagle 


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Which raptor can reach speeds up to 200mph when diving from the sky to catch prey?

Bald Eagle




Peregrine Falcon


Turkey Vulture 


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Vultures have a special adaptation that keeps them cool in the sun. What is it?

They hide in bushes when the sun is too hot


They cover their legs with feces 


They regurgitate to remove body heat


They cover themselves in carrion


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 The "keeeyaarr" sound often heard in television or movies is made by which kind of raptor?

Bald Eagle


Red-tailed Hawk 


Screech Owl




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What is the most common hawk found here in Florida?

Red-tailed Hawk


Harris Hawk


Red-shouldered Hawk


Broad-winged Hawk 


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Great Horned Owls are known for stealing the nests of which other raptor?

Barn Owl 


Bald Eagle


Red-tailed Hawk 




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How many different color morphs do Easter Screech Owls have?









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Which raptor has the nickname "fish hawk?"

Bald Eagle 


Great Horned Owl


Red-tailed Hawk




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