Slay Your Productivity Nemesis

What's holding you back from being your most productive self?

Take The Quiz And Slay Your Day

Which best describes your work schedule?

I have a set routine I follow and a clear plan that guides my day to day tasks.


Routine? I work when the feeling strikes it might be 10 am, it might be 10 pm.


I have a schedule but find it hard to sit down and follow what I've planned to work on. I'm often distracted.


Is Netflix a plan? I find getting a plan in place and sticking to it hard.


1 / 7

Fill in the blank...

I have trouble getting my day started


I have trouble staying focused


I have trouble prioritizing my tasks


I have trouble organizing my day


2 / 7

Which animal best represents your day?

Turtle-slow and steady


Puppy-energetic but chasing lots of balls


Hare-speedy and straight to the finish


Panda-good intentions but sleepy 


3 / 7

When it comes to my business I struggle with

focusing on administrative tasks


focusing on marketing tasks


umm client work is all I can manage


all of the above


4 / 7

My approach to my day is

Let inspiration hit me!


I have a plan but it's so hard to stick with it.


It varies day to day, week to week.


It's a roller coaster, some days I forget to eat, others it's impossible to make myself sit at my desk.


5 / 7

Pick the image that best represents your day to day









6 / 7

Help! I need

A Plan


A Schedule






7 / 7

Motivation Muddler

That damn Motivation Muddler! You know the one that whispers "this is hard, let's Netflix instead." Motivation is a hard one but I have two weapons that will help you slay this monster! Check your email and get to slaying!

Miss. Time Management (that's Mismanaged Time to you)

You find yourself frustrated by not reaching your goals. Your to-do list only seems to get longer and your days feel shorter. This is Miss Time Management mucking with your day. Check your email to grab the secret weapon to kick her out of your day-to-day.

Squirrel Brained

Ugh Squirrel Brained hits again!! We have all experienced this plight from time to time but if it keeps showing up day-to-day then it's time to take some action. Squirrel brain (aka lack of focus) keeps you from completing your planned tasks that will move your business forward. Check your email for two secret weapons that will get you focused in no time flat!