What breed of dog are you?

Reveal the truth... Find out what's your spirit breed

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Are you more outspoken or reserved?

I stick to myself


I can be loud but also enjoy quiet


I'm pretty much the loudest person in every room


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What's your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

Go adventuring


Stay at home and watch Netflix


Going out for food


Go for afternoon tea




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What your pawfect fur colour?











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How much exercise do you tend to do?

The bare minimum


I do a bit here and there


I love exercising!


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What's for dinner?

Chicken nuggets and chips


Jacket potato


I don't care, just give me all of it!




Chinese food


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Finally, choose one word to best describe you











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Like Spaniels you enjoy exploring and staying busy, you're a happy, friendly soul and you love praise. You like love energising and like the Springer Spaniel you can spend over 2 hours exercising! You're social and love the company of others.


Like the Lab you have a kind and loving nature and love all types of animals. You're quiet and calm but can be energetic when you want to be. Oh and you love food, any and all food you can get your hands into!

French Bulldog

You're small but cute and love being around your friends. You're lively and have a big character with an engaging personality. You can be stubborn but this can be overcome with a bit of persistence.


You may have the physique of an athlete but you love nothing better than curling up on the sofa. You have a gentle soul and can be shy meeting new people, but when you have something in your sights, it's yours!


You're intelligent yet outgoing, friendly and never nervous. You're loud and happy. You enjoy the finer things in life, after all you're used to royality!