What butterfly are you?

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When you get home after school, do you:

 Eat a snack


Go to your room


Tell everyone about your day


Start your homework


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Your best friend says she has something to tell you. Do you:

Tell her you’re ready to talk whenever she is


Get nervous about what it is


Beg her to tell you right away


Carefully think about what it might be and prepare possible pieces of advice you would give


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It’s Friday night. What do you have planned?

A movie night with the family


A sleepover with friends


Reading your favorite book, listening to the most recent album drop


Hanging out with your crush


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How much attention do you like?

I want all eyes on me!


I’ll join the conversation, but only when I feel I have something to add


I would rather not be seen...


I love it, but too much is too much


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How clumsy are you?

I’m pretty thoughtful, so I’m not that clumsy


I can’t remember the last time I tripped


I’m constantly spilling things...


Honestly, I’m really graceful


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Monarch Butterfly

You’re a Monarch, the Queen of the butterflies. Monarchs are bright and bold; you can’t be missed and heads turn when you walk into a room. Harness your power, Queen!

Cabbage Butterfly

The Cabbage butterfly is delicate and discreet; you’re on the quieter side, but don’t let anyone mistake that for being meek. Like the Cabbage butterfly, you’re selective and carefully choose how to spend your time or energy.

Glasswing Butterfly

The Glasswinged butterfly is renowned for its see-through wings, making it an expert at camouflage. It also lays its eggs on the Cestrum plant, which its source of food once it matures. You, like the Glasswinged butterfly, are intuitive, resourceful, and work hard to perfect the things you love.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

You are the life of the party! The Blue Morpho butterfly has electric, iridescent blue wings. Like the spectacular Blue Morpho, you attract lots of attention — but that’s only one side of you. You also enjoy having time to yourself and aren’t always the most graceful. Don’t let that take away from your value — there’s two sides to every wing!