What chicken are you?

A clutch of mystery eggs have been placed under a chicken

 Which one will you be? 

Start Hatching

In this moment are you?









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How would you describe yourself?

Caring, calm and considered


Spontaneous, adventurous and fun 


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Are you easily frightened?





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Where do you stand in the pecking order?

The Boss Chicken


In the middle ( I don't want to cause any trouble)


The loan wolf chicken (I'll just hang out over here thanks)


I'm not a chicken...


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How do you stay busy at home?





Watching TV








5 / 7

When I am busy, I am

Measured and calm


In a flap and half doing everything 


6 / 7

Which chicken Coop do you want to live in?



Country Cottage 


Makeshift mansion








7 / 7


You Beauty!

The Australorp was bred in Australia, grown for its docile nature and heroic egg laying abilities. They are truely hypnotising while watching them as they elegantly travel from one side of the yard to another. They are caring mothers and will happily sit on a clutch and rear them unit they are of age. They form strong friendship with there fellow feathered friends and won’t get a fright when you enter the coop to collect their eggs.

They have recently created a new record for the most eggs lay in a calendar year 364 eggs! Stay calm, caring and graceful and you will go far.


No chicken lady can get away for the charm of the silkie, they are fluffy from nose to toe. They are a cute small, docile breed that are perfect as a pet, who need a teddy bear when you have a silkie?

They are not bred for their egg laying abilities but for their amazing fluffy feathers and different colours, some people even wash their silkies in food dye to turn them fun colours like pink.

Silkies are a small docile bird that are prone to getting bullied. So stay with your flock and you will make many friends.

Easter Egger

You are like the goose who laid the golden egg. Well no, you are the chicken who lays the blue eggs and every mad chicken lady wants you.

They come in a variety of different colours shapes and sizes as people like to go crazy breeding them to get different shades of green, blue and olive eggs. Staying true to yourself will help you see other peoples true colours.

Easter Egger’s are curious, kind and always ready to make you laugh.


Who knew that you would be the dragon in a chicken quiz? you did, you knew something interesting was coming. You spent centuries hiding, sitting on your treasures, this gives you a lot of time to think so you tend to know when things are coming your way.

You are so rare that not even a crazy chicken person has managed to find or incubate an egg. Probably for the best.

Stay curious, adventurous and alert and you will always get your way.


Well done for being an Orpington they are a truely a heart melting bird.

Orpingtons are one of the largest and fluffiest birds around and they have a calm and docile temperament. They make great parents. The males are protective of their flock and the mother often go broody. They both are great a rearing their young. Even though they are docile, they are hardy and will stay strong in the ugly cold weather.

Just like the Orpington, you to will stand strong and protect your family when the going gets tough.

You are a kind and caring friend and they are lucky to have you around.


woo hoo to you!

Pekins are amazing little teapot shaped birds. They are a true batam which means they only come in small sizes. They are very calm birds who are mainly interested in being closest to the food.

They aren’t great layers only producing 50-100 eggs a year, but that is not what they have been bred for. They have been bred to come decorated in a variety of different colours. Infact, Pekins come in such a variety of different colours you will want to catch them all, and have a rainbow of teapot chickens roaming your yard. The males can be protective of their flock and the females are supportive caring mothers.

These birds are amazingly popular so let your colours shine and be proud to be a pekin.


You are a very rare chicken, one of a kind and very hard to find.

You have only recently come out of the forest that you have hidden in for hundreds of year and now you are ready to take over the world. Everyone in the chicken world would love to have you because of your amazing black skin, black eyes and black feathers, even your tongue is black.

You are a prized eating bird so watch your back, it is believed that you infuse the eater with vigor. You are so rare that some governments have started giving people incentives to save you because you are so adventurous you have trouble spending the 21day sitting on your eggs.

Stay focused and good things will come your way.