What Conflict Animal Are You?

Find out what animal matches your conflict management style.

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Pick a word that best describes how you approach a conflict.











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Choose a values statement.

I highly value personal goals and relationships with others. 


I value the ability to change my personal goals and relationships with others when necessary. 


I value personal goals over relationships with others. 


I value relationships with others over personal goals. 


I somewhat value personal goals and relationships with others. 


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You view conflict as...

A problem to be solved 


Something to avoid 


A battle


Something that happens


A negotiation 


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Select a personal strength.











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Select something you need to work on.

Being more involved 


Being more vocal


Being more empathetic


Being more collaborative 


Being more concise 


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When someone approaches you with a conflict you...











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Select a phrase that best matches how you handle conflict.

The strongest person always wins. 


Two heads are better than one. 


Let's split the difference. 


I don't care that much; have it your way. 


I'd rather not deal with it now. 


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Collaborating Owl

“I’m sure we can work together for a better solution”

  • Confronts problems
  • View conflicts as problems to be solved
  • Use conflict to improve relationships
  • Identifies the conflict to approach solutions
  • Finds solutions agreeable to all sides
  • Values goals and relationships
Advantages: Both sides get what they want and negative feelings are eliminated
Disadvantages: Takes a great deal of time and effort

Avoiding Turtle

“It’s not worth the trouble”

  • Withdraw from conflict
  • Prefer to hide and ignore conflict than resolve
  • Uncooperative and unassertive
  • Tend to give up personal goals
  • Display passive behavior
Advantages: Helps maintain relationships that would be hurt by conflict resolution
Disadvantages: Conflicts remain unresolved; Overuse leads to others walking over them

Competing Shark

“I know I’m right”

  • Forceful and competitive
  • Highly goal-oriented
  • Relationships take a lower priority
  • Won’t hesitate to use aggressive behavior
  • Autocratic, authoritative, and uncooperative
  • Threatening and intimidating
  • Need to win; therefore others must lose
Advantages: Quick decisions if the Shark is correct
Disadvantages: May breed hostility and resentment toward the Shark

Accommodating Teddy Bear

“I’ll do what you want so we don’t argue”

  • Smoothing style
  • Emphasis on human relationships
  • Ignores their own goals
  • Resolve conflict by giving into others
  • Unassertive and cooperative
Advantages: Maintains relationships of individuals in conflict
Disadvantages: Giving in to each conflict may not be productive; Negotiator may get taken advantage of

Compromising Fox

“If I give you this, you give me that”

  • Concern for goals and relationships
  • Assertive for compromise
  • Seeking a middle ground between extremes
  • Attempts to let both sides gain something
  • Willing to sacrifice some of their goals while persuading others to give up part of theirs
Advantages: Relationships are maintained and conflicts are removed
Disadvantages: Compromise may create less than ideal outcome; Can result in game-playing