What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

Different types of critters represent many strategies for getting work done. Find out which one you are!

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How do you feel when you walk into your office in the morning?

So ready to start the day! You have your coffee in hand, you've already said hello to everyone, you're ready to get down to business. 


Pretty tired, you stayed up all night working and have a few more projects left to do. But you are excited for the results!


Peaceful, you have a list of assignments on a sticky note on your computer that you left for yourself the afternoon prior and you are hungry to get started on all of your tasks.


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Which is most like you when it comes to getting important things done in your business?

I have a list of things to do and I am more than ready to accomplish everything on my own without hesitation. 


I start the day with a plan, but find myself getting distracted throughout the day and needing a break in between projects. 


I am excited to get all of my work done! Especially if I can do any of the projects in a team-orienting setting. 


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How do you manage your time?

I'm busy all day; I don't know where the time goes. I'm a go-with-the-flow person, and hate feeling constrained by a schedule.


I do use my calendar and planner, but the day often runs away from me. As much as I try to plan, at the end of the day I often wonder what happened. 


I have plenty of time to get what I want done; I rarely hear myself say things like “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have enough time.” 


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What's your decision-making style?

I often put off making decisions; I don't want to make a mistake.


I spend a lot of time writing up pros and cons before I make decisions.


I trust myself to make decisions quickly and easily. I know that I can always change my mind later if things don't work out as expected.


I like making decisions with other people, a second point of view never hurts.


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How well do you manage your energy?

Manage my energy?


It's often hard for me to say no to obligations or requests for my time and energy. 


I make sure to do things I love every day. I have also let go of everything that drains my energy or no longer serves me. 


I often take breaks to cool down from all of my hard work. 


I share my tasks with my team, I don't pretend like I'm going to be capable of doing every single thing on my own. 


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The Opossum

You are an opossum! The unassuming hero. You work best at night, and when you are in the zone - no one can stop you from finishing what yous set out to do. Opossums are a huge benefit to the ecosystem in the same way that you are a benefit to your employer! You may like keeping to yourself on the job, but your productivity levels show that it is the best thing for you! Opossums are immune to snake venom in the same way that you are immune to silly distractions while working.

The Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrels glide through the air in the same way that you glide through your tasks one by one. They are extremely agile and can easily change directions, just like how you can switch from project to project without a minute's notice. They do not hibernate, but rather they share their nests with others and huddle together to stay warm. Just like how you facilitate warmth and excitement in team-oriented settings and projects.

The Raccoon

You are one "sly-coon," Known for you intelligence and your ability to solve problems, your quick wit and clever nature can help you get out of a bind. You stick to yourself mostly, working deep into the night time to accomplish your tasks for the day. You don't rest until your work is done. Sometimes you are okay with sharing your work with others, but most of the time "you've got this." You spend some time in the "trash" picking up work that others may not want to do, but in all of your work you display passion and intention.

The Woodpecker

You are a Woodpecker! Meaning your energy just doesn't stop! You are always willing to work long hours (as long as you have some breaks to cool off between assignments or projects) and you always work hard with a great spirit! Everything that you is very precise and logical and you tend to work well with people who have the same mindset as you about getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Mouse

You are a Mouse! Curious, and very social, a fantastic communicator, and the ideal team leader. You are always down for a good ice-breaker, and are always thinking of ways to make the office dynamic better. You are a hard worker, but you know how to balance your work with your play. You always want to be passionate about the work that you're doing, but even on projects you are not as invested in you finish them with ease and enthusiasm.