What Famous Woman in the bible are You

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Choose the word that connects to you/describes you the best:











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If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you do first:

Start planning and looking for a way out


Start looking for people and making sure everyone is ok


Look around for food and prepare so that everyone can eat


Figure out what needs doing and delegate tasks to everyone


Listen to and empathise with the needs of those you are stuck on the island with.


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Which phrase best describes you:

I believe that we limit ourselves and that we can do what we put our mind to


I want to make the world a better place


If it protects those around me I'll do everything in my power


If you see a need its your duty to meet it


Good things come to those who patiently wait


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Choose the word that describes/connects to you best

Details (You notice details and like to plan things out. You make to do lists.)


Possibilities (You see the potential in ideas and people..what might be but isn't yet.)


Puzzle pieces (You love to take something apart and play with it.)


Big picture (You see how things are connected and what they might become.)


Black OR white (You have clear ideas of your own and strong opinons, not easily influenced)


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Would you rather:

Belong to a club, organization or team?


 Help others discover the meaning of life/search for purpose.


Do something/work with your hands? (draw, fix, build, paint?)


Do something active with friends/family (run,climb,play etc..)?


Participate, lead discussions dealing with real life issues


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Martha a woman of determination

Like Martha you are a strong witness of faith, so convinced of God’s provision
and power no matter what happens in the natural. Through Martha’s story
we learn the importance of trusting God even when all seems lost. Keep believing that God will come through for you even when it all seems to be going wrong. You will inspire others with your faith.

Esther – an influential woman of the Bible

Like Esther, you have been born for such a time as this. You do not let fear get in the way of speaking out and on the behalf of others. Remember that even when it seems no one is listening to you or no one is following you that your voice matters. You matter. And never let anyone tell you different. God created you with purpose

Abigail – a strong woman of the Bible

Like Abigail you carry yourself with dignity and integrity despite your circumstances.
And when the lives of those around you need help you run into action in order to help them. This desire to protect others can be used powerfully for God don't allow the devil to let you think that your effort are not needed or insufficient. You're labour is needed and never in vain.

Deborah - a powerful leader

Like Deborah your willingness to
follow God’s call and to give Him the credit is your real key to powerful leadership rather than leading out of
your own strength. Deborah reminds us that in the battles of
life, we are not alone or unaided. Keep relying on God and understand that as long as He is in your corner and within you, then you will never fall.

Anna – a devoted woman

Eighty four years of waiting, of worshipping, of trusting. Like Anna you choose to hold true to your faith no matter the circumstances. Continue to faithfully
devote your whole life to trusting in God’s provision and your waiting will be rewarded. Remain patient even when it feels long for you will reap a harvest if you do not give up - be encouraged, the Lord is on your side