What Holiday Food Are You?

'Tis the season for FOOD! But, where do you fit into the mix? Find out with our highly scientific (not at all scientific, that is) holiday quiz!

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Which location appeals most to you?

A. Gimme the city any day


B. For solitude and beauty, I'd pick the desert


C. I'm a beach bum through and through


D. I prefer the rich colors and scents of the woods


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Which car would you rather drive?

A. Gimme fins and style with a retro vibe


B. Rolls, baby, Rolls


C. It doesn't matter - the view is the important part


D. I want a marvel of engineering


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Where would you most like to live?

A. A place where there's plenty of room for my butler and staff


B. A cute house with a white picket fence


C. A modern building with clean lines


D. A cozy cottage


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Which is your spirit animal?

A. I'm a llama mama


B. I'm bold like the cheetah


C. I've got the grace and elegance of a horse


D. Dog all the way


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Which icon are you most drawn to?

A. One that says family


B. One that makes me feel like I've accomplished something


C. Whatever this one represents


D. One that makes me feel like dancing


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Which plant is your jam?

A. One I can grow and nourish


B. One that's cool to look at


C. One that's rare and beautiful


D. One that's unusual and easy-to-grow


6 / 10

Which beverage would you most like to sip?

A. A fruity, juicy and vaguely mysterious concoction


B. Something simple and neat to sip


C. A classic cocktail (bonus points if it's poolside)


D. Coffee to get me going


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What's your favorite holiday?

A. Thanksgiving


B. Mardi Gras


C. Christmas


D. 4th of July


8 / 10

Which pattern do you prefer?

A. Organic


B. Regular


C. Structured


D. Lavish


9 / 10

Which hobby appeals most?

A. Knitting


B. Chess


C. Golf


D. Painting


10 / 10

You are a fruitcake.

You are full of surprises. Never content with the status quo, you break the mold (and maybe even a few teeth). Some people may try to avoid you because they think you're a bit nutty and fruity. Ignore them. They just don't see your treasure.

Did you know that wheat used for flour is grown in Kansas during the summer and winter?

You are a gingerbread house.

In pop psychology parlance, you'd be considered a Type A personality. You like structure and are driven, ambitious. Sometimes people are so impressed with your accomplishments, they don't see your softer, sweeter side.

Did you know you can substitute sorghum flour for wheat flour if you need to go gluten-free? Give our tasty gingerbread cookie recipe made with sorghum a try!

You are eggnog.

You like the finer things in life. And why not? Life is a rich buffet meant to be enjoyed! Some call you lavish, but they're just jealous you allow yourself to indulge. (And if you happen to enjoy it with a bit of booze, well, that's your decision!)

Did you know there are almost 300 licensed dairy herds in Kansas? They produce delicious dairy products, which you can use to make your own eggnog this season!

You are a Christmas ham.

You are dependable, reliable and hold things together. Some people see you as the star of the show, but really, your aim is to nourish others. If they happen to love you for it, so be it!

Did you know there are about 1,000 hog farms in Kansas? If you'll be featuring ham at your Christmas feast, you'll want to check out our buying tips!