What invitation style fits you best?

Formal & traditional? Artistic & modern? Take this quiz to narrow it down!

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Which paper type do you prefer?



Extra thick




Nothin' fancy


Not paper! Acrylic, wood, etc.


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Fill in the blank: I want my wedding to feel _______.

Elegant: Black tie, gowns, etc.


Casual: Not so fancy, comfortable


Romantic: Intimate, lots of meaningful details


Modern: Cocktail attire, clean lines, minimal


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Which calligraphy style stands out to you the most?









3 / 7

Your dream wedding venue is...

In a garden


In the city


In the country


In a church


At the beach


In a hotel


4 / 7

Neutrals or brights?





5 / 7

Watercolor or line drawings?



Line drawings


6 / 7

Which photo speaks to you the most?











7 / 7


Clean lines, minimalist design, and an uptown feel. Your style is fresh and chic and you prefer straight lines to the frills and lace. White space can make a big statement and you love that! Your invitation suite may include a modern vellum wrap and a touch of handpainted gold on each invitation.


Family, memories, and keepsakes are super important to you and your significant other. Think: lots of florals, candles, a small guest list, and an intimate atmosphere. Your invitation suite may include a custom crest with icons representing your love story, and a watercolor map that shows important places in your relationship.


Tradition, formality, and etiquette are close to your heart. Timeless and classic details are important to you. For your invitation suite, think thick, handmade paper, letterpressed (or flat printed!) with your wedding details. Calligraphed envelopes sealed with a custom wax seal will be appreciated by your guests and will set the tone for your elegant event.


Charming, simplistic, and carefully chosen details are important to you. "Casual" isn't necessarily having everyone wearing jeans, but adding watercolor illustrations and casual wording to your invitation suite can communicate the feel you want at your wedding. Maybe you choose to include a postcard RSVP rather than a Reply Card with an envelope, or printed addresses rather than calligraphy.