What Invitation Style Matches Your Personality?

Your invitation is more than just pretty paper - it sets the mood and gives your guests a glimpse into your event! Invitations include all of the important details while embodying your personality and event theme.

We know purchasing your invitations can be quite an investment, so let's find the perfect style to fit your personality! 


It's Saturday, and you could use some retail therapy. Where are you headed to pick up your favorite home decor?





The local antique shop


A high-end mall with brands like Kate Spade


The arts district downtown


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When going out for a night on the town, what is your go-to outfit?



Blouse & skirt


Your latest thrift store find


Bodycon dress


Overalls with a crop top 


2 / 8

If we were to check out your search history, what are you always looking into?

What Beyonce is up to


Tasty things to bake this week


When and where the next flea market is


How to add more glitter into your life


The concert lineup for this summer's music festival


3 / 8

What color palettes speak to you?

A mostly neutral palette with two pops of color


Blacks, whites, and one primary color


All pastels


Golds and practically anything that sparkles


Neon, bold, and bright colors


4 / 8

Today's the perfect day for a tv show binge. What are you watching?

Whatever is trending on Netflix


A rerun of your favorite classic romcom


HGTV (because Joanna Gaines is life)


Your favorite reality tv show


A Comedy Central special


5 / 8

Your friends would describe you as:

The trendy friend


The thoughtful friend


The old soul friend


The fashionable friend


The funny friend


6 / 8

When you attend an event, what are you typically doing?

Swapping social media handles with new friends


Talking with family about "the good old days"


Taking pictures to make ideas for your next project


Showing off your decorating skills (yes, they asked you to help!)


Tearing up the dance floor!


7 / 8

Which of these destinations are you heading to for a vacation?

The hottest destination with the best Instagram-worthy food


The annual family beach trip


Anywhere with cool museums


A luxury cruise to a private island


An Airbnb in a new city


8 / 8


If it’s hot right now, you’re the first to know. You’re always on top of trends, so naturally, your big event is in-style with a touch of your chic personality (and let’s not forgot that it will be totally Instagram-worthy!).

Your fonts, colors, and design turn classic ideas into beautifully-crafted masterpieces. We will work together to make sure your invitations include popular trends with a personalized look.


You love the way things have always been done, and your event is no different. Family and cultural traditions are important to you and define the way you pursue many areas of your life.

Your ideal invitations are designed with the idea that they are a timeless treasure to be kept for years to come. They may include classic-style fonts and elegant accent pieces. We will talk through the meaningful details of your event to ensure they are incorporated into your invitations!


You’re the queen of making someone’s old possession into your newest treasure. Every piece of decor in your home has a rich story to go along with it, and you love sharing your latest finds with everyone who will listen!

Your event showcases an antiquated twist on modern traditions, so your invitations include elements that focus on a one-of-a-kind, yet graceful style. We will chat about your favorite vintage valuables to ensure that they are incorporated into your event stationery.


High-end style, loads of glitter, and a whole lot of pizzazz are what you embrace daily. Everyone knows you as the local celebrity thanks to your elegant, yet dramatic style, and your event will be designed with your other fashionable guests in mind.

Your invitations embody the perfect mix of class and glitz using loud colors and formal fonts. We will chat all about your glamorous lifestyle to ensure it is properly showcased in your event stationery.


You have a show-stopping personality, so you expect nothing less from your big event (and by big, we know it will be BIG)! Everything you do is unforgettable, over-the-top, and of course, totally fun.

Your invitations are full of bold colors and standout designs - they won’t be getting lost on anyone’s fridge! We will work together to ensure your custom design showcases those things that make you extra special.