What is your coat of arms animal?

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Someone has broken into your house, what do you do?

Beat them up.


Call the cops.


Set a trap.


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You're playing paintball. You're the last one on your team, what do you do?

Surrender and try to negotiate a treaty.




Perform stealth attacks.


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You're playing a game with some friends, but there is a new kid, what do you do?

Make fun of them and leave them out


Invite them to play with you


Do nothing and wait to see if they do anything.


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You catch someone cheating off you on a test, what do you do?

Do nothing and let them.


Make a big deal about it and tell the teacher.


Use it to blackmail them later.


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Someone cheats in P.E., what do you do?

Cheat back


Argue with them


Let it be, have fun.


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You see a homeless person on the street, what do you do?

Donate to them,


Leave them alone.


Confront them and tell them to get up and get a job.


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Your animal is a stag. You don't fight unless provoked. You prefer peace and harmony.


Your animal is a tiger. You are fierce on the battle field and will never retreat or give up. If alarmed, you are terribly dangerous.


Your animal is a dolphin. You are swift and show diligence. You prefer to play the patient game and let everything play out before you make your move.