What is Your Idea of a Romantic Date?

Although we may never have shared this with even the best of friends, all of us have our guilty pleasures. One of them is dreaming about a romantic date with a special someone. It could be a clichéd candle-lit dinner or a movie night under the stars. Share your general preferences with us, and we’ll find out your idea of a perfect romantic date. 

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When on a dinner date, which cuisine would you pick?







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Which is your favourite movie?

I like classics like Casablanca and The Sound of Music


It’s tough to choose. I love all of them


Movies that tingle my brain like Interstellar


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You’re making travel plans with your friends and are asked to choose an adventure sport. Take your pick.

I’d rather go to a beach


Cycling is my adventure


Sky diving, please!


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Which is your favourite musical instrument?







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Which is that one quality you look for in your partner?

Respectful and humble


Loving and endearing


We must share interests


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What do you like to do with friends?



Binge watch Netflix


Anything outdoorsy 


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What are you afraid of?  





Nothing that I can recall


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Which is your favourite scent?







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Which out of these can you not leave home without?





A water bottle


9 / 9

Your Idea Of A Romantic Date Is Candle-lit Fine Dining

You realize the power of good food and good conversation more than anyone else. That’s what helps in building fruitful relationships.

Your Idea Of A Romantic Date Is Cosying Up At Your Place

Its time you share cuddles and hot chocolate in the intimate surroundings of your place. Binge watch those romantic movies on Netflix or just order pizza at home. So, surprise your partner with this cute little surprise at home.

Your Idea Of A Romantic Date Is An Adventure Trip

You like to tread on the road not taken. You’re outgoing and adventurous. Very specific about your choices, you like to spend time with someone who shares a similar adventure streak and passion for travel.