What is your swimsuit style? 

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What is your typical summer outfit ?

Anything bright and colorful


Sundress and sandals


Capris and tak top


Shorts and sneakers


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What's your favorite thing to do at the beach?

Sitting in the shade with a magazine


Lying on the beach and getting tan


Sipping a mojito at the bar


Surfing, paddle board and swimming 


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Which SPF do you use?

Forget sunscreen, I use tanning oil


SPF 50 


SPF 30 - 15 


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What's your favorite drink at the beach? 



A fruit smoothie


An energy drink


A cocktail 


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How do you accessorize your swimsuit?

A sarong to hide your shape 


A dramatic hat or sunglasses for a fashion look 


Googles, and a surfboard 


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Your swimsuit style is conservative 

You are conservative and like to stay simple and chic, and that goes for your swimsuit too. You are best suited for one piece with a good coverage that will leave you looking classy and elegant.

- One piece swimsuit

- Full coverage

- Good support and lining

Your swimsuit style is Athletic 

From surfing, to paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling or volleyball, you are an athletic woman on the beach. Wear a swimsuit that can keep up with your active lifestyle with strong support, lining and straps.

- One pieces swimsuit

- Bandeau with a strong support

- High waisted two pieces

Your swimsuit style is bold

You love the center of attention. So make sure you wear something that catch the eyes of everyone on the beach. Go for bright colors, fun cuts and low coverage

- Triangle with fun colors

- Monokinis with low cuts

- Cheekies bottom for more sexiness