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What Kind of Communicator Are You?

Find out what kind of communicator you are by taking our quiz!

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In a conversation, you find yourself listening more than you speak.





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If it came down to it, you'd be comfortable giving a speech without preparation.





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You like large social gatherings.





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Which of these best fits you?

I like to give instructions, not follow them


I like to plan things out


I like to do things without another thought


I like to listen to others


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Which word best describes you?









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Are you more Assertive or Compassionate?





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When doing a group activity, which is the most important to you?

Figuring out the role of each person within the group


Planning out the project


Making sure whatever you are doing is fun


Bonding with your group members


7 / 7


You own the conversation whenever you speak. You have a dominant personality about you, and people see you as a leader. Others naturally listen to you. While this is good, try to let someone else have the floor every now and then.


When you converse with someone, you tend to listen more than you speak. People appreciate this about you. While this is good, you should allow yourself into the conversation too!


When going into a conversation, you tend to already have somewhat a plan of what you're going to say. You're always prepared and you say just the right things. While this is good, sometimes just saying what comes to mind without being prepared is more genuine.


People would say you're the life of the party! You love to communicate with just about anybody!