What Kind of Dinosaur are You?

Are you a terrifying, flesh eating Tyrannasaurous Rex or a peaceful herbivore?

Find out by taking this quiz to find out what kind of dinosaur you are.

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What's your favourite meal?



Fish and Chips




1 / 5

Are you more outspoken or reserved?

I like to be very quiet


I like everyone to know I am here


2 / 5

Where would you like to live?



North America










3 / 5

Do you like being in charge or are you a team player?

I'm in charge, get over it


I'm a team player


4 / 5

Are you sociable or do you prefer your own company?

I love hanging out with friends


Forget that, I love being alone with myself


5 / 5

Tyrannosaurus Rex

You're the Top Kahuna, the King of the dinosaurs and you like everyone to know it. You're not particularly sociable or a team player, but you demand to be in charge and at the head of the pack.


You may be quiet but that doesn't stop you being deadly. Not only that but when you're with your mates, you're unstoppable. You're a straight meat eater and nothing else will satisfy you.


You might be the quiet sort but you like nothing more than hanging out with your mates and chomping on some juicy vegetables. In fact, eating might well be your favourite activity. You're also most definitely a team player, and your friends know they can count on you at all times.


You're happy to eat either meat or fish, but as your favourite activity is fishing you eat fish most of the time. Although you're the one who prefers to be in charge when hanging out with a pack, most of the time you prefer your own company. Others underestimate you, and they don't realise how strong and self-sufficient you are.


Hey, you're a regular meat and two veg kind of guy, but not fish, you hate the stuff. You prefer you're own company to that of others and you're never happier than when you are out running on your own.


Your favourite activity is eating plants, you just love those vegetables. You're the quiet kind, but with all that defensive armour plating no one should underestimate you. Although you prefer your own company mostly, you're more than ready to step up and take charge if needed.


Hey, there's no doubting that you like EVERYONE to know that you're in the room. Although you like to be in charge you're also the life and soul of the party. In fact, even when just chomping down on yet another burger, you'll still manage to be the centre of attention.