What kind of editing is right for you?

Know you need an editor, but don't know what services to ask for? This quiz will help you figure it out.

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I need an editor to edit my...





Blog Post




1 / 5

Are you finished writing it?



No, it's still in the draft stage


No, it's still in the idea stage


2 / 5

Why do you need an editor?

I need someone to check my grammar, spelling, and punctuation


I want to make sure I'm expressing my ideas clearly


I need help with the organization of my writing


3 / 5

What's your highest priority?

Low price


High quality


A balance between the two


4 / 5

How do you feel about an editor changing your writing?

I don't feel comfortable with any of my words being changed.


I'm fine with a few tweaks here and there.


I'm open to any suggestions an editor might have, but I'd prefer to make the changes myself.


I have no problem with an editor making changes to my writing.


5 / 5

Copy Edit

A copy edit corrects mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency. If your writing has undergone other levels of editing, it will need a copy edit, too. A copy edit is the final polish before publishing!

This is also the most affordable level.

Line Edit

A line edit clarifies the author’s voice. Your editor will reorganize sentences and paragraphs to make them clearer, indicate where something might confuse a reader, and polish the flow and tone of your writing.

Developmental Edit

A developmental edit helps with the structure and form of your writing. While it can be difficult to see major changes to your writing, remember the developmental editor wants the best for your writing, just like you do.