What Kind Of Instagrammer Are You?

Are you rockin' it or kinda losing it?

Find out NOw

What kind of pictures do you love to share on Instagram?

I share photos of my life - outfits, brunch, products I love!


I share a lot of quotes and inspiration.


I share flatlay styled photos.


I share photos of my adventures - travel, restaurants


I share photos of my art - photographs, paintings, etc.


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How would you describe your feed?

Encouraging and kind


Fashionable, cool, trendy


Tips and tricks


Adventurous, fun, exciting


Bright, happy, colorful


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If you could only share one thing on Instagram, what would it be?

My photography or my art


Lots of avocado toast and lipstick


Encouraging quotes


Business tips for entrepreneurs


Sunsets and the ocean


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How would you describe your posting schedule?

I kind of just post what I want, when I want, usually on the fly.


I have my entire feed planned out at least a week in advance.


I try to plan my feed, but I always end up just posting things randomly.


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Which of these are you most likely to purchase next?

New shoes


An online class or webinar


A notebook or journal


Art supplies, obviously


A new backpack


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Why do you use Instagram?

So that I can work with brands and influencers


To share inspiration and help others


To share tips and tricks and sell my products or services


To bring people along on my many adventures


To share my art with the world


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Which type of comment are you most used to seeing on your Instagram feed?

"This is so cute, where'd you get it?"


"This is so helpful! I really feel like I can do it now!"


"Wow! I love the colors in this!"


"Yes! Yes! Yes! I really needed to hear this today!"


"OMG that place looks incredible!"


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The Encourager

You love to help people and making other people feel good about themselves is always at the forefront of your mind. Your Instagram feels like you're sitting down with your follower having a cup of coffee and just chatting. It's casual and sweet, just like you.

The Lifestyle Girl

You love to share what's going on in real life with your followers. You don't like to plan too much and like to keep things real. You're open to sharing a bit of everything with your audience.

The Biz 'Grammer

You're straight biz, girl. You love to share the latest tips and tricks in business with your fans and they look to you for guidance when building their own businesses. You probably offer services and/or digital products for sale.

The Adventurer

You are driven by adventure and fueled by the dream a life filled with passion and excitement and your blog is a reflection of just that. You enjoy being able to "escape" and you can turn to your blog to do that! You might enjoy the finer things in life, or you choose to live on a budget, but you know how to document your life and the adventures that surround it.

The Artiste

You love to share your artistic abilities and you consider yourself a true artist. Your fans look to you for inspiration and pretty pictures.