What Kind of Luggage is Best for You?

Your choice of luggage can actually make or break your trip. Take this fun quiz to determine what kind of luggage best suits your travel style and personality. 

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How Long is Your Trip?

I'm on the road for ever and ever...or at least a while anyway (1 year or more)


Just a quick jaunt (a week or less)


It's gonna be a real vacation (2-4 weeks) 


I'm taking a sabbatical/gap year (6 months-1 year)


1 / 12

What Climates Will You Encounter?

Why would I go anywhere other than somewhere tropical? 


Moderate temperatures and climates are my thing.


It's all about the snow, baby! 


I'm covering the whole gambit. 


2 / 12

What Style of Travel Below Best Describes You? 


3 / 12

What's Your Preferred Way to Get Around? 


4 / 12

How Would you Describe Your Overall Level of Fitness? 

I bench-pressed my body weight just this morning


I'm in good shape, and can keep up with just about anybody


I'm doing okay....for my age. Youngsters tire me out. 


I'm in physio. Vacuum cleaner accident. Don't ask. 


5 / 12

Which Picture Best Describes Where You Like to Travel?


6 / 12

What Sort of Accommodation are you Most Likely to Stay In? 


7 / 12

What Best Describes Your Packing Style? 

Packing Style? I just throw everything in and go. 


I make best use of space by rolling and stuffing. 


Packing Cubes are a lifesaver. 


I neatly fold. Everything has its place. 


8 / 12

Choose One. 

I fly as much as possible. It's fast, efficient, and civilized. 


I don't care how long it takes; it's all about the journey. And if the journey means 3 days of buses, I'm in. 


Really? Those are my choices? 


9 / 12

How Would you Describe Your Luggage? 

I love it. It's my home on the road. 


It keeps my stuff safe, and takes some hard knocks. 


It's very practical, and easy to use. 


I put my stuff in it, go to where I'm going, and take my stuff out. What's the big deal? 


10 / 12

Do You Book Your Accommodation in Advance? 

Yes. I don't leave these things to chance. 


Nope. I prefer to find a place to stay after I arrive. 


I book the first night, and figure it out from there. 


11 / 12

How Many Shirts do you Pack? 

One for every day, plus one extra, just in case. I don't want to do laundry on my vacation. 


One for travel days, one for walking, one for the beach, one for a fancy restaurant, and that blue one cuz I like it. 


Two. Wash one, wear one. 


12 / 12

You're a Backpacker!

You like to get off the beaten track, and clunky luggage will slow you down. You're flexible in your plans, and don't mind hunting down the best accommodation for your needs and budget.

You want luggage that can take you from mountain tops to busy train stations to beachside cafes in a jiffy. And even if you're staying in a swanky hotel, you don't care if people stare at you and your backpack; you know you've made the practical choice and you'll stick to your guns.

You pack relatively light (or at least you're young and fit!), so it's not a hassle to put your backpack on and embrace your next adventure.

Want more assurance that a backpack is your best choice? Check out this article to learn more about criteria for choosing the best luggage.

The Wheeled Backpack is Your Best Bet

Traveling with a wheeled backpack is a very smart move, offering you the most versatility to take whatever your travels throw at you.

Most of the time you can wheel this puppy around and not strain your back unnecessarily. But when you're faced with uneven pavement, cobblestones, gravel, or a mammoth set of stairs, you can unzip the straps and throw your luggage on your back with ease!

Wheeled backpacks also offer increased organizational capabilities over many backpacks, and when you're traveling on the posher side of life, you don't need to be embarrassed by "looking like a backpacker" when you check into that fancy hotel.

Learn more about Wheeled Backpacks here, and why it was my luggage of choice for many years.

You High-Roller! Rolling Luggage is Best

You combine style and practicality with rolling luggage when you travel. You cruise through airports with ease, like the jet-setter that you are.

You tend to know where you're going, and go there directly from the airport, in style all the way. You arrive at your accommodation and enjoy the benefits of well-organized luggage that is easy to pack and unpack.

You don't tend to go too far off the beaten path (as in, "roughing it"), but when you do, you have a foldaway backpack to get you there.

Here are some more reasons why rolling luggage is the best luggage for you.

Gear Warrior! You Epitomize the Duffel

You are unashamedly hard on your stuff. In fact, your stuff isn't just stuff; it's gear.

You're just as likely to have crampons or BCDs in your luggage as you are to have souvenirs and sarongs.
You want something that can withstand humid jungles, chilly high-altitude glaciers, and of course, errant baggage handlers.

You don't need wheels; you're a gear warrior after all, and wheeled luggage will only slow you down. Some good handles and backpack straps will get you to where you need to go.

Do you like this analysis, but aren't averse to wheels? Then you'll totally want to check out this wheeled duffel with backpack straps - it's like three different types of luggage in one!

Keep it Simple with a Suitcase

You're not a complicated person, and you don't appreciate complicated luggage. A simple suitcase will suit you just fine.

You want something that is easy to transport (for example with spinner wheels), but you're not going to be climbing any mountains with it any time soon so you don't need fancy straps or all-terrain wheels.
Instead of ultralight rip-stop ridiculousness, you want something that can handle the hard knocks of travel and keep your stuff safe.

It's tried and true, and good enough for you: The Suitcase.

Not sold on this analysis? Here's a deeper look at what luggage suits whom best.