What Planning Experience Are You Looking For? 

Planning an event can be fun and exciting but also can be overwhelming. Not sure what level of planning assistance you need? Take this short quiz to find out what type of planning experience you are looking for. 

let's find a planning experience for you

Would you like help finding a Wedding Venue?

Yes, we don't know where to start 


Yes, we've visited some venues and found others online but are starting to get a bit stuck or overwhelmed 


No, we haven't booked one yet but we have somewhere in mind 


No, we already have one 


We need help finding a venue but are not sure if we need any other services at this time. 


None of these options really fit where we're at


1 / 4

How far along are you with booking your wedding professionals / vendors? 

We've already booked all of them 


We have not booked any of them yet 


We have chosen our venue and a couple of others (like the Florist and DJ) but still need more (like the photographer, videographer, photobooth, cake bakery, rentals etc.) 


We have inquired with some wedding professionals, met with a few, have some idea of who we'd like to hire but have not yet pulled the trigger 


We have not yet hired any / many, however, we do not need professional help with this part of planning our wedding 


We only want help with design and then Day of Coordination / Month of Coordination. We will hire the rest of our wedding professionals / vendors (DJ, Photographer, Venue. etc.) by ourselves 


None of these options really fit with where we're at 


2 / 4

What best describes your Wedding Budget?

We have this down. We have thoroughly researched the cost of Weddings in LA, understand how much we have to spend, the cost of Los Angeles wedding professionals, and how to allocate our budget to best get the wedding we want for the money we have to spend 


We have a general sense of how much we have to spend and have seen the national averages, but do not really have a concept of what things cost in Los Angeles or how much our vision would cost. We are happy to manage our own budget but would love a little advice on this to get us going 


This is stressing us out! We keep being asked what our budget is but how are we supposed to know what our budget is when we don't know how much anything costs?!?! We really need someone to kindly go over the general cost of Los Angeles wedding professionals and the rough estimated pricing of the type of wedding we want. 


We don't know, yet, but this is not something we are seeking help for at this time. 


We definitely want help with understanding our wedding budget, but may want this service à la carte and not included in a wedding planning package 


None of these options really fit where we're at


3 / 4

What do you need from your planner?

We need a lot of help but want to still be completely involved. Some might even say we're Type A and would have a hard time handing over control to some one else, even a professional. We need a team member not someone who's going to take over our wedding 


We wish we had more time for planning than we do. We need someone who we can trust completely because we don't have time for the nitty gritty of the planning. We need a planner who we connect with and who we feel understands us, our vision, and the experience we are looking for. We want to be presented with choices / final decisions and not be given too much homework 


We are completely overwhelmed and we need help. We loved the idea of planning our wedding together, just the two of us, but it's proving to be harder than we thought. We didn't realize all the things that were involved. So, we need a team member to come on board and help us navigate the planning months ahead. We'd love to love this process again and with the right planner think we will. 


We don't know what we need. Our friends/family/everyone told us we need a planner. So we're looking for a planner. 


We don't really want a planner, to be honest, but our venue told us that we have to have a Day of Coordinator / Month of Coordinator. So, in accordance with the venue requirements we're looking for someone to take care of all of the things our venue says that we can't  


We aren't really looking for a full planner, but a Day of Coordinator / Month of Coordinator. Our friends/family/the internet said that we should have someone to run the day of our wedding and it sounds like a pretty good idea


None of these options really fit with where we're at 


4 / 4

Full Service Planning

You want a professional with you every step of the way, presenting you with options, managing quality, budget, tasks, planning timeline, and your big day. You want to rest assured that you don't have to worry about what you don't know because you will have someone on your team making your experience wonderful from planning through to the day itself.

Making your dream event is just as important to us as it is to you.

Partial Planning

We'll bring you a planning experience tailored to you. Partial Planning is an elegant solution for you if you have already set the wheels in motion and want a professional to help you carry out the rest. You will already have a venue, some idea of your vision, and maybe a couple of your vendors booked. Then we join your team, assist with streamlining your vision, booking the rest of your wedding professionals, create a personalized planning timeline, and help you finish your planning with ease and style. We will be with you from the time you hire our team through to then end of your perfect night. Your dream wedding is as important to us as it is to you and we want to make sure you and your family love your special day.

Wedding Management 

This is for you if you are the couple who wants to take the lead with your planning and design, yet needs a professional to tie up the loose ends in the last couple of months and execute your vision seamlessly on the day.

You may have heard of Day of Coordinator or Month of Coordinator. Amy Greenberg Events Wedding Management encompasses those duties and more for the same fee.

Making your dream event is just as important to us as it is to you and it would be an honor to be part of the team that gives you and your families the most wonderful experience on your Wedding Day!

Fully Customized Planning Experience 

The sky is the limit and we want to reach for the stars with you.

This is for you if you are looking for the out of the box wedding experience.
Please arrange a complimentary consultation so we can learn more about your exciting vision for your Wedding.