What Renewable Energy Source are you?

This quiz will tell you what renewable source of energy are. It will also tell you your strong strength.

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What is your favorite color out of the options?









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What do people like about you?

Your determination


Your Kindness


Your Creativity


Your Manners


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What is dream holiday?

Beach in the Maldives


An adventure in Italy


Sleeping at home


Shopping in Europe


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If you faced a problem, What would you do?

Panic and freak out








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Who do you trust most?

Your mom


Your dad


Your sister-brother


Your friends


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You scored a 0

You are solar energy!

You are solar energy! You are very confident. You are also strong willed and stubborn. You know what you, and if you want it you will get it.

You scored a 21

You are the Wave energy!

You are creative and full of life. You like to think outside the box and you are never afraid to speak up your mind.

You scored a 41

You are geothermal energy!

You have a temper. You are not really that social and you don't like the attention, but you are humble and warm. You are a firm believer in the motto: "An eye for an eye" .

You scored a 81

You are wind energy!

You are kind and smart. You are also very friendly and is very social. You hate seeing people upset or sad. You also love your family the most