What Road Trip Should You Take Next?

Road trips are often the best way to see the world. 

But, where should your next one be to?

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What is your favorite road trip snack?

Popcorn, chips, pretzels. If it's in a bag, I want it.


Street food from road side stands


Trail mix, granola bars, something borderline healthy for me!


Cookies and candy. Road trips are an excuse to eat junk food.


Just an energy drink will do!


Fruits and veggies


Fast food pit stops along the way


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When it comes to road trips, you...

Plan for months in advance and map out the most detailed journey. Even your pit stops are planned down to the approximate time.


Get in the car and just drive.


You have some plans made out as far as route and stops, but nothing is booked.


Half planned, but there's always room for spontaneous stops


Don't need to plan because you'll be hitchhiking. Not knowing where you'll end up is the greatest adventure of all!


Plan the music and the snacks, but let someone else plan the route


Only have limited vacation time to travel, so while it's not overly planned, each night's accommodations are booked ahead of time.


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Pick your dream vacation

Secluded island at a luxury resort where I can relax and unwind


An around the world trip with stops at all of the countries I've been dreaming of visiting 


Trekking in Patagonia with a stopover in Buenos Aires 


A visit to an ashram in India to practice mediation and yoga


An RV trip anywhere in the world


Finally visiting Antarctica! 


A train trip through Europe


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Favorite famous traveler

Freya Stark


Anthony Bourdain


Gertrude Bell


Rick Steves


Ernest Hemingway


The World Wanderer :)


Jack Kerouac


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How many stamps are in your passport?













30 and up 


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Favorite way to travel?



Bus, even better if it's an overnight bus with beds


Sailboat, yacht, cruise...any boat will do!


RV or campervan


Convertible - there's nothing like the wind in my hair!






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Classic USA Cross Country Trip

The best way to see the diversity in the USA is to take a cross country road trip. Pack your bags, find your route, and hit the road from coast to coast. Be sure to hit up at least a few national parks on the way!

The Mongol Rally

Clearly adventure is your middle name, so why not make the drive from England to Mongolia? Pick up a beat up car and hope for the best, as you rally your way from Europe to Asia!

An African Adventure!

Sure there are many unknowns when taking on the road in Africa, but that's just part of the adventure! Get yourself a Land Rover, camp under the stars, and experience life the way it should be. Just watch out for the lions.

Canada's National Parks

Natural beauty doesn't get much better than the national parks in Canada. Get yourself a campervan and prepare to be blown away by nature. Just make sure you plan enough time for some outdoor adventures.

New Zealand RV Trip

The best way to see the beauty of New Zealand is to drive it. Why not rent an RV, find a few campsites, and drive the two islands of this unique and beautiful country.

Motorbike South America

What better way to experience the diversity of South America than on the back of a bike! Pack your bags, hop on a motorcycle, and get to exploring!

The Rickshaw Run

Clearly you're adventurous, so why not get a rickshaw and race around India? Don't want to do it as a race? Buy your own rickshaw and spend a few months traveling throughout the country. There's lots to see and plenty of crazy roads to explore on!