What's the One Way You Can Do Today to Change The World? 

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What do your friends text you for help for?

Travel recommendations. You’re a globetrotter and are constantly flying from one place to another. You practically live out of your suitcase.


Home decorating advice. You have an amazing eye for what looks good, and spend more time scrolling Pinterest for inspo than you should.


New recipe ideas. You’re the best cook in the group, and your kitchen is where all the magic happens.


Help choosing an outfit. You are always impeccably dressed, and can never resist buying whatever catches your eye in the store window.


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What's the one thing you can't live without?

Your living room couch. Perfect for afternoon naps, getting last-minute work done, and anything really.


Your passport. How can you get to London without it?


Your favorite pair of shoes. They were quite a splurge and look good in every Instagram photo.


Iced coffee. The barista at your local cafe knows your order by heart. 


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It’s a Friday night. What are you up to?

Editing photos from your last trip.


Laundry and some light cleaning.


Having a couple of glasses of wine and dinner with your friends. 


Online shopping. Is there free shipping?


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Where does your spending money go?

Spicing up your place.


New experiences.


Hanging in your closet.


Buying groceries.


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It’s your coworker’s birthday. What do you get her?

The new skirt she’s been eyeing. 


A really nice bottle of Chardonnay. 


A piece of wall art for her bedroom. 


Tickets to a show into the city.


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What’s the first thing people notice when they step into your home?

The smell of good cooking.


Your coffee table books.


The large pile of shopping bags in the corner.


The suitcases by the door. 


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What’s your dream job? .

Food critic.


Personal stylist.


Interior designer.


Travel photographer. 


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Have healthier habits at home! 

You're an expert at all things home-related: decorating, renovating, you name it! Your home might look like it could be in Architectural Digest, but is it sustainable and ethical too? Browsing Craigslist and secondhand stores to find lightly used items and reduce waste, buying energy efficient appliances and washing your clothes with cold water are all ways you can both save money and our planet.

Switch up the way you shop to save the planet and your money! 

You're a fashionista, always well-dressed and swiping your credit card at the cash register! You can change the world today by shopping from local stores and companies that pay their workers fairly, hosting a clothing swap with your friends, or starting a capsule wardrobe (33 items to be worn over three months). Your outfit will be Instagram-worthy, help empower socially responsible businesses, and be good for our planet at the same time!

Travel the planet and help protect it at the same time!

You are constantly taking amazing trips around the world! Easy fixes like taking nonstop flights to save fuel, staying at sustainable hotels, and enjoying local restaurants and experiences will keep your travels socially and environmentally responsible!

Eat & drink ethically!

You love a good glass of wine paired with a good meal, or maybe you can't stop yourself from hitting up Starbucks every morning. Either way, you can change the world by eating and drinking in a more sustainable and ethical manner by looking for Fair Trade coffee, drinking organic and local wine, create meal plans to reduce food waste, and going to farmers' markets to shop local. It's better for your health and the planet!