What’s your best eyeshadow shade?

This quiz will determine the best eyeshadow shade for you. The quiz taker will discover if their dream eyeshadow palette would be Ethereally Earthy, Boldly Bronze, Romantically Rosey, or Golden Goddess. Use this quiz template for your make-up e-commerce business to better understand your customers, and generate and segment leads, while increasing sales with personalized product recommendations.

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Quiz Transcript

What’s your best eyeshadow shade?

Our cult favorite, ethically sourced, sustainably manufactured, hypoallergenic make-up line has launched its Dream Team eyeshadow palettes, designed to make the most out of your eye color! Take our short quiz below to discover which Dream Team palette is for you.

Find your best eye shadow shade!

First thing’s first! What color are your eyes?









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Which tones do you feel most attracted to?

Metallic golds


Bold Purple


Rose Gold


Richly Copper


2 / 7

Do you have any skin allergies that might flare up with makeup?

Nah, I’ve got impenetrable skin!


I get a bit irritated after a long day wearing makeup, but nothing a good wash can’t fix.


Oh yeah, super sensitive, scratchy skin, always angry!


Sometimes I feel a little irritation, but I haven’t figured out what causes it yet.


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Which makeup look appeals to you?

Green eyes with pinkish shades


Hazel eyes with violet shades


Brown eyes with rich gold shades


Blue eyes with earthy and orangey tones


4 / 7

Yesssss! You got a giftcard to your dream makeup store for your birthday, and it's enough to get totally stocked up! How much is on the card?

$200 oughtta cover it, I’m a simple gal with simple needs


What’s the limit? Haha, no, but seriously, I’ve got caviar skincare needs!


$500 should get me all I need with a couple extras


I could probably get everything I need for under $100 #NaturalBeauty


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What do you most want to enhance with your eyes?

I sometimes feel like my light eyes can feel cold and ghostly. How can I warm them up without looking gothic?


If I’m not careful, my eyes can look swampy. How can I make them look rich and vibrant like a lush forest?


My eyes are dark, and I know they have hidden depths. How can I make them glow?


My eyes constantly shift tone and can be hard to pin down, how do I work with colors to enhance the shades I wanna see?


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What’s your current makeup routine?

Skin prep; serum, sunscreen, moisturizer, primer. Foundation; base, concealer, contour, highlighter. Make-up; full shadow, cut crease, soap brow and bold lip. Setting spray to finish. #GlamGirl


Just a bit of lip balm and SPF and I’m out the door! Unless it’s a fancy day, then I add mascara. #BareFacedBeauty


Lips, blush, and mascara, the trifecta of any girl’s beauty routine. #MinimalistQueen


I like to play around with new looks, so it varies. #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun


7 / 7

Your dream eyeshadow palette is: Ethereally Earthy

With your baby blues, the best way to really make those peepers pop is to surround them with warm, rich brown tones. Darker blacks can be stark and dramatic, to be sure, but there’s a fine line between a smoky eye and teen goth girl, and werewolf doesn't suit everyone, knowwhatimsayin’?

With earth tones, remember that those lovely brown tones can look dirty if you aren't careful. It's best to find a shade that has a bit of warmth to it, veering towards the coral side of brown, or into more spicy cinnamon tones.

And you can't go wrong with a bit of glow to brighten the look with a shimmery shade, like those found in the Gaia compact, an essential mix of earthy tones inspired by nature herself to perfectly enhance your blue eyes and boost your natural beauty with subtle contrast.

Keep an eye out for Coppering, a metallic shade loaded with shine and fiery pigment to take your beautiful blues to a whole ‘nother level!

Your dream eyeshadow palette is: Boldly Bronze

Your hazel eyes are begging to be framed by rich browns, brilliant golds, and dazzling greens to highlight the yellow and green flecks that keep your eyes from being described as just brown.

Shades with a soft shimmer will draw more attention to your peepers, so consider perusing metallic shades like those you’ll find in our Metalsmith compact. It’s full of bold bronzes, liquid golds, and even a mossy green!

But the real showstopper for hazel eyes like yours is a touch of purple, green’s opposite on the color wheel. Because it’s so starkly contrasting, the greens that can hide in the luscious depth of your eyes will pop to the surface and really shine!

Check out the shade Violet Pixie Dreams next time you’ve got a hot date night, or just feel like being a little extra on a Tuesday afternoon.

Your dream eyeshadow palette is: Romantically Rosey

It might seem counterintuitive, but red tones really enhance the green in your eyes. Now you might be thinking, isn’t that a little Christmassy? And you’re right, but trust us - shades with hints of red to them are your friend!

Rosey pinks, fiery corals, and mysterious maroons will make your eyes pop! The Romance compact brings you everything you ever wanted for your green eyes, and even a couple surprises you never dreamed of!

Shimmery metallic hues are all the rage these days, but yellow golds can wash out green eyes and make them look swampy.

For a glam night on the town, try out Siren, the perfect Rose Gold shade to give you a metallic glimmer that will bring out the romance in you!

Your dream eyeshadow palette is: Golden Goddess

Your dreamy chocolate eyes have rich warm tones just screaming to be enhanced with yellows and golds!

But be careful: you don’t wanna throw banana tones around indiscriminately without a little guidance.

With your dramatic eyes, you can pull off a sultry smokey eye like no other — but what really makes your eyes pop is metallic shades with warm undertones, like the golds, rose golds, and bronzes that you find in the Golden Goddess compact.

But the real piece de resistance is the Liquid Sunshine Yellow with a shimmer of ethically sourced mica to bring out the magical tones in your chestnut peepers — hold the banana!