What's Your Style?

Are you bold or classic? Creative or intentional? Or maybe a little bit of everything?

Find out now

How do you spend your free time?

Watching a show








1 / 7

When you shop, what do you buy?

Basic pieces that go with everything


Something fun and colorful


The newest runway feature


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What's your color?











I like to mix it up


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You go to a party to...

make new friends & get noticed


observe & listen to others


reconnect & catch up with old friends


4 / 7

Pick a Couch


5 / 7

What's for dinner?

Something healthy


Comfort Food


Something new


6 / 7

A great date is...

Anything outdoors


A night at home with some wine




7 / 7


As a natural, easy going girl-next-door, you don't think too hard about your fashion choices. You typically shop for clothes that are both comfortable and easy to maintain. When it comes to fashion, yours is driven more by what's on the inside than the outside.


Like a beautiful sunset or an exotic vacay, your style is colorful and ever-changing. Your closet is varied and unique, and each piece tells a story. Your friends would describe you as fun, adventurous and ready for anything!


You are bold and beautiful. You are a trend-setter and can make anything look good! You tend to buy unique, bold pieces to jazz up the classic basics in your wardrobe.